Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 797

Chapter 797:

The syllables of the dry voice were exceptionally hoarse.

"You finally woke up!" Fang Xinxin's stunning face was filled with ecstasy, like a ray of bright sunshine illuminating his heart as cold as a thousand years of Hanchuan.

She hugged him tightly and kept kissing his pale and bloodless cheeks.

"I'm not dead, so I can still see you!" He also hugged her delicate body back, and if he did the same, he would definitely be able to hug her in pain.

He is seriously injured now, but he has no strength.

"Well, you are not dead, we are still together." Fang Xinxin nodded, tears streaming down her face.

In fact, when he was asleep, she always sniffed his nose from time to time, fearing he would die.

Although she is not a doctor, she was paralyzed and blind in her previous life. She became a good doctor for a long time. She also knew that he was awake now and had passed the dangerous period.

Bai Qinghao had been groggy before, sometimes a little conscious.

It was clear that she fed him some water and food.

"Well, we are together!" His deep and sharp vision was filled with moving mist.

"You are awake and hungry." She stretched out her hand to open the medicine box, "You quickly eat something and drink some water."

"Water..." An accident flashed through his eyes as deep as the vast universe, "Where does the water come from?"

"In the early morning, my medicine bottle was filled with a scalpel, and the mist was condensed with drops of water." She handed him the medicine bottle with water, unscrewed the lid, "Drink quickly."

His wife is so clever, she wants to get the condensation. I glanced at the half-bottle of water inside, only about 50 milliliters of water, "The sun is big during the day, doesn't it evaporate?"

"During the day, I tighten the medicine bottle with water and put it in my trouser pocket. Both the person and the medicine bottle are soaked in seawater. This will prevent evaporation."

He understands, don't be stingy about the 50 milliliters of water, she left it to him with every effort.

She looked at his dry and cracked lips and urged, "Hurry up and drink!"

God knows how thirsty she smokes from her throat during the day, how much she wants to drink this little water.

He shook his head, "I'm much better, you drink."

She was too thirsty, and knew that he would never eat alone, so she said, "The sun is down, and it's dinner time. Let's have dinner, and drink with water."

What else did he want to say, she hurriedly said, "Don't refuse any more, don't add some water and physical strength, your injury has been bad. I will feel distressed."

He knew that the severely injured himself was a fall for her.

But she loves him so much, he must get better.

So, the two used a scalpel to cut off the shark meat. One person ate half a catty and took the 50 milliliters of water. Every bite of the fish fillet, just touch the skin of the mouth with that little dew.

Even if this is saved, the water has bottomed out.

About a pound and a half of shark meat remained.

Food is getting less and less. Dew can only get so little in the morning.

The survival crisis is oppressing his head, but Bai Qinghao feels very happy inexplicably.

How lucky he is, his wife loves him with her life, no matter when, how dangerous and how bad the living environment is. She will never leave!

If he survives by chance, he will do her best to her!

After eating the food, Bai Qinghao seemed to think of something, "How long have I been in a coma?"

"Two days and two nights."

"I remember I had a fever." He wrung his thick black brows. "It was not dawn yet. You gave me anti-fever medicine. There was no dew at that time."