Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 798

Chapter 798:

"Yes." She nodded without doubt, "So you know you have a fever."

"The head was very dizzy." He said, "The two anti-fever medicines were very bitter in my mouth and I couldn't swallow them. Where did you get the water to make me swallow the medicine?"

"I..." She pursed her lips and didn't want to tell him. She cut a hole in her hand and used blood to give him water. "It was my saliva."

Tell a white lie.

He frowned.

She was upset, "Why, I think my saliva is dirty?"

"To me, everything about you is sweet." Although Bai Qinghao was weak from a serious injury, his eyes were particularly sharp, "You were afraid that you didn't even have any extra saliva."

"..." She was irrefutable.

He had a smell of fishy sweetness in his mouth.

Examining her pale tired face, it's better not what he guessed.

Seeing that she deliberately received her left hand behind her back, "Take it over and take a look."

She stretched out her right hand to show him, "The skin of her fingers is wrinkled by sea water, what's so good about it."

"I'm talking about the left hand!" he commanded aggressively.

She refused. He tried his best to force her left hand out of the water. When he saw the waterproof band-aid on the back of her hand, "What's the matter with the back of the hand?"

"I was accidentally injured." She was still insisting forcibly.

"I cut my wound with a knife. Give me blood, right." He added.

"So you know." She admitted helplessly.

He shed tears distressedly, "Fang Xinxin, how can you do this!"

Seeing his cold and icy face, he, who has always been in front of the Taishan landslide, has never changed his face, but there are real tears on his face, her heart is burned, "I can't do anything else..."

"Don't do this, don't do this!" He murmured guiltily while embracing her.

"I just want you to get better soon," she said. "If it's you, it will be the same, right."

"Don't do this anymore, you know!"

"talk about it later."

He was helpless. The heart was surrounded by dull pain and moving emotions. God, he really didn't know how to love her to make up for her kindness to him!

"You can sleep for a while." He raised his hand distressedly and stroked her exhausted face.

Fang Xinxin looked at the waterproof belt on his chest, "Bai Qinghao, you need to change the dressing for your wound first." He was in a coma before, and she couldn't operate it.

Because, she couldn't continue to use the supernatural power to make him volley on the sea. That would consume too much energy and she would pass out.

She would become a burden if she really exhausted her energy.

Now that he wakes up, it's much easier.

He can't hold her back, and he must get better as soon as possible, so he can only try to change the dressing.

Open the medicine box first, and disinfect the scalpel with alcohol.

The only life jacket was taken off from him and put on her.

Then, he climbed on her shoulders and pushed his upper body out of the water.

She quickly tore off the waterproof bandage on his body, scraped off the dried medicine stains with the back of a scalpel, disinfected the area around his wound with alcohol, applied new knife wound medicine powder, and put another waterproof bandage on.

After finishing this, he sank back into the sea without strength.

Fang Xinxin put a life jacket on him again.

If he wears a life jacket on her, one is that he is a patient who can't climb firmly, and secondly, his body is much heavier, and she is more strenuous to climb on her.

Therefore, it is best for her to climb him.

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