Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 799

Chapter 799:

Cover the medicine box. She tied the two together again with his shirt.

"You hurry to sleep for a while." He said.

"Well, you're tired, if you want to sleep, call me." She was really sleepy, her limbs wrapped around him like a koala, her head leaned on his shoulders, her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

He tilted his head, looking at her beautiful face, the tired shadow under his eyelids, he felt so sorry for her, and his heart was bleeding.

Because he is as smart as him, very clear. For these two days and nights, to keep the two from drowning in the sea, she must have never closed her eyes.

Caught by her limbs, even though he was in the sea, he turned his head to look at her beautiful face, but he still reacted with a thought.

However, right now, it is not the time to do those things.

When she was asleep, she loosened her limbs unknowingly, and her original movement of hugging him became floating in the sea.

Although there was a shirt when the rope from her and his armpits tied the two together, her head still inevitably fell into the sea.

He strenuously raised his hand to support her head, keeping her head resting on his shoulder.

When Fang Xinxin woke up, the two of them were still floating in the sea. They saw that the sun was right in the sky, and it was so hot. It didn't need to look at the time, it was around noon.

From sleeping yesterday evening to noon the next day, Fang Xinxin got enough sleep.

But he was so hungry that he felt weak, and his throat was smoking.

Leaning on his shoulder and sleeping for so long, his neck... actually didn't feel stiff.

She thought about it for a moment. When she was sleeping, she seemed to be massaging her neck.

When I kept my head up, I saw Bai Qinghao's pale and stern face.

There was also a tired shadow under his eyelids.

"Why don't you wake me up sooner!" She said hoarsely, looking at his bloodless face distressedly, "You are a patient, so take a good rest."

"It's okay." He shook his head and opened the medicine box laboriously. "You have something to eat and some water."

Fang Xinxin saw a whole bottle of fresh water in the medicine bottle in the box.

Needless to say, it was all the dew he got by her method at dawn.

I really don't know how he, who was seriously injured, got dew while taking care of her.

If ordinary people were injured so badly by him, they would have died early. The side also shows how strong his willpower is.

The point is that there is a whole pill bottle of water in the bottle, not at all, in other words, he did not drink dew at dawn.

She felt distressed for an instant, "As usual, we drink half of each other. Don't try to get the other party to drink more. Any more words will evaporate a drop of water, which is too wasteful."

He nodded in motion.

This time, the two of them only ate a couple of shark meat, and drank a whole medicine bottle totaling 100ml of dew.

The two of them floated in the sea for another two days, relying on the remaining shark meat in a pound or two, and making a little dew in the morning.

It was another morning, even if I save it, there is no food left.

It has been six days since falling into the sea.

I have never eaten enough, and the little dew I got in the morning is not enough for the two of them to stuff their teeth.

Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin were not only dizzy with hunger, but also almost to death of thirst due to extreme water shortage!

God is like a joke, it doesn't rain for six days.

Fang Xinxin looked forward to Bai Qinghao's men to find the two.

However, it is also clear that his men may not be clear about the location of the crash.