Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 801

Chapter 801:

Then, pluck out the hair from the bird's carcass one by one, and open the bird's abdomen with a scalpel.

Even the bird's intestines are carefully cut and cleaned.

The whole bird carcass was cut into pieces. In the process of cutting, half a bottle of bird blood was collected with a medicine bottle.

Bai Qinghao did all this.

Sure enough, it is much better to have husband service.

Half a bottle of bird blood, the two were reluctant to drink it, and kept it first.

Fang Xinxin picked up a piece of raw bird meat and put it in her mouth and took a bite. She vomited out with disgust, "Bah, bah, it's terrible!"

Bai Qinghao glanced at her beautiful face distressedly, "The sun is big, and the sea is windy, so I can take a bit more when the wind is dry."

"Yeah." She could only wait for the bird meat to dry before entering it.

Then, the two survived for another two days relying on the flesh and blood of the seagull and the little dew collected every morning.

In the middle of the night on the ninth day, the two floating on the sea felt gusts of wind blowing, and the waves turned over and flooded the two continuously into the sea.

Leaning on their life jackets, the two stubbornly emerged from the water again.

The damp air filled Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin's eyes with anticipation. Seeing this situation, it was about to rain.

Sure enough, after another half an hour, there was a pouring rain on the sea.

The two of them kept their mouths up to the sky to drink rainwater in excitement, making a scoop shape with both hands, catching the rainwater to drink, and drinking water to their heart's content.

Finally there is no shortage of water for the time being.

After the two really couldn't drink the rain, Bai Qinghao made a decisive decision and basically threw out the contents of the medicine box.

His injury is almost healed, and he needs containers to hold rainwater.

Several anti-fever medicines and some knife sore powders are packed in a plastic bag smaller than a palm.

An alcohol bottle was emptied, washed clean with rainwater, and filled with rainwater.

Two empty medicine bottles were also filled with rainwater.

The largest container is a plastic medicine box, which can hold ten liters of water when opened.

After the water storage work is done, I can live on this little water for a few days.

The medicine box is floating on the sea anyway, so there is no need to manage it. The three water bottles, including alcohol bottles, all have lids.

Fang Xinxin tore off part of Bai Qinghao's shirt, turned it into a strip of cloth, and tied three bottles to the medicine box.

For these two, the saved water will not become a burden for them.

After storing the water, the **** **** seemed to be joking with them, and it rained all day and night.

The heavy rain poured over the sky, hitting the heads of the two of them, the eyes and faces were really a bit tingling, making people unable to open their eyes.

From time to time, Bai Qinghao stretched out his hand to protect his wife from the rain, but it was all in vain.

It rained heavily, and the waves kept surging, sometimes a big wave pushed the two of them tens of meters away, and sometimes a big wave hit the sky high, knocking the two of them 20 to 30 meters high.

The two can only do their best to hug each other tightly, swearing not to separate.

Otherwise, if this situation is dissipated by the waves, you can rush away for hundreds of meters.

Soaking in the sea for too long and barely survived, the two have already lost their strength, and there is absolutely no way to swim to each other.

The non-stop rain prevented even half of a bird from flying in the sky.

Even if the rain stopped for a while, there were seagulls flying by, and the distance was too far for the two to shoot down.

The sky cleared again, and the two had been hungry for three days without food.

This time, it was not that he almost died of thirst, but he was starving to death.

You can only drink a little rainwater in the container to fill your hunger.

Just when the two were starving to stare at Venus, an island appeared in the distance.