Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 803

Chapter 803:

Then I picked up the shirt that had tied the two of them in the sea before, and carried them all in one hand. Holding Fang Xinxin with one hand, she said, "My wife, let's go to the island to find a place to shade, and find some food."

"Yeah." She raised her head and glanced at the harsh sun. "You must find a place to shade."

Otherwise you will get sunstroke.

In fact, the health of the two of them is very bad now, they are dizzy with hunger, and their skin is soaked in seawater in many places.

Fang Xinxin feels that she is not too important. If she is hungry, she can survive the injury.

It's Bai Qinghao...

Although his gunshot wound was much better, his complexion was exceptionally poor.

When he fell into the sea before, he was under her body, and the internal organs were severely injured. I wonder if there are any sequelae?

This unknown island is unpopulated, and the two of them are now hungry and out of strength, and they have not dared to go to the depths of the island for fear of encountering danger, temporarily unable to resist.

But after walking hundreds of meters from the beach on the shore, some low and unnamed plants were attached to the mountain, and the bustling and long trees couldn't cover the shade.

The two had no more physical strength to go inside.

Bai Qinghao looked around and found a flat place. He first helped Fang Xinxin sit down, and then said, "It looks like we need to build a awning.

Fang Xinxin found that there were a lot of mosquitoes on the plants here. She and him had been bitten by several blisters. "It's better to go to the beach to take a ride. There are too many mosquitoes."

"Yeah." He nodded and looked at the blisters bitten by mosquitoes on her body, feeling distressed. "You find a place to rest and leave this to me."

"But it doesn't matter if your body..." she asked worriedly.

"It's okay." In fact, his internal organs hurt from time to time, but he can bear it. It is much better than when he was injured ten days ago.

"Drink water first." She took out the glass bottle with alcohol, which was hung on the belt of the medicine box. Alcohol was already poured in it, washed the bottle, and filled the whole bottle of rainwater.

He took it and drank the entire bottle of water.

Fang Xinxin also drank the water in the other two medicine bottles.

The bottle was too small, and it was not enough for the two of them to drink a little water, so they drank some water from the medicine box separately.

When I quenched my thirst, I saw that there were about five kilograms of water left in the medicine box, and it was estimated that it would last a day or two.

It is more urgent to make a awning to block the sun than to find food.

Bai Qinghao looked around for a while and said, "My wife, I will go to the beach to see if there is any food to eat."

He originally wanted to take her with her, but when he saw her body that was almost paralyzed from exhaustion, he was so distressed that he caught her together, and said, "Find a cooler place and wait for me here. come back."

She nodded.

I originally wanted to do something, but I was really tired and paralyzed.

Seeing a shadow of about one square meter under a big tree, I walked over and sat in the shadow and took a nap.

Less than an hour later, when Fang Xinxin was starting to worry about Bai Qinghao, he turned back with his arms around a package made of shirts.

She hurriedly stood up, "Husband, you are back."

Seeing her surprised expression, he thought to himself, "Yeah." Spread out the package made of shirt, which contained a pile of shells, "It is some edible sea mussels, but there is no pot and no fire. "