Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 805

Chapter 805:

In this way, the water droplets formed by the fog on the scalpel at dawn will flow down the blade and into the open medicine box.

There is a scalpel hanging above the trough of the medicine box.

But the open lid can get some water.

So Bai Qinghao took off the precious waterproof watch on his left wrist and hung it on the lid of the medicine box with a vine, so that one more thing condensed dew.

There is no metal object that can make the fog cold.

Bai Qinghao returned to the tree where Fang Xinxin was sleeping.

She is still sleeping.

He was crazy last night and she was exhausted.

No way, he and she both indulged after drifting in the sea for so long and experiencing catastrophes.

The shirt he used to hold the shells was air-dried, and even the wet clothes on the two of them were air-dried as early as yesterday afternoon when they were still wearing them.

After that last night, he and Xinxin put their clothes back on again.

He unfolded his shirt and put it on her body, which could add a touch of warmth.

He wanted to collect a little more dew from the leaves, but when he saw her sleeping on the ground, she was shaking with cold unconsciously.

Fearing that she would be sick, he chose to sit on the ground, picked her up, and let her sleep in his arms.

Fang Xinxin was really exhausted, opened her eyelids, and after a very tired glance at him, she fell asleep again.

Sleeping in her husband's arms, it really feels warmer.

Bai Qinghao hugged her horizontally, vowing inwardly that she must build a temporary shed during the day and prevent her from sleeping on the ground like last night.

When the fog on the sea cleared, when the sun came out, Bai Qinghao didn't want the dew collected with difficulty to evaporate, so he could only put Xinxin underneath gently and go to the medicine box that was not far away.

When I approached, I saw six or seven taels of water in the nest of the medicine box, and there was more than half a catty of water on the lid.

There was a hint of satisfaction in his eyes.

Sure enough, the humid place on the island has a much stronger effect on collecting dew than when floating in the sea.

Although two people only have one catty and two taels of water a day, it is far from enough, but at least it can solve the crisis of thirst.

The next morning, try to collect some dew, or if you can find a source of water and edible fruit, you can survive.

Pour the water on the lid of the medicine box carefully into the groove when closing the box and cover it.

I found a place under the shade of the tree and buried the medicine box with soil.

This is to prevent the water in the medicine box from evaporating when the sun is big for a while.

Bai Qinghao went to the beach where he picked up shells yesterday, looking for edible shells.

After looking for a few hours, I finally found about one or two catties of shells.

There is almost no edible shell on this beach.

There seems to be very little food available here.

He held a pile with his wide hands, filled his suit pants pockets, and returned to the tree where Fang Xinxin was sleeping.

At this moment, Fang Xinxin just woke up when she saw Bai Qinghao holding a bunch of shells and laying down beside her.

He took out some more from his trouser pocket, almost enough for the two to eat one meal.

"It's nice to have a husband." She joked with a beautiful smile, "I have breakfast ready to eat as soon as I wake up."

Bai Qinghao looked at her sincere smile, his stern face filled with guilt, "Fool."

Only she thinks it is good now. If the average woman suffers such suffering following him, she will complain to death if she complains.

"You are stupid." Fang Xinxin asked him where the scalpel was placed. He wanted to continue to cut the shell meat. He took the scalpel first, cut the shredded shellfish, wrapped it in clean leaves and handed it to her.

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