Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 807

Chapter 807:

He couldn't help but curled the corners of his thin lips slightly, and his sharp eyes felt hot.

Fang Xinxin was shyly stared at by his obviously hungry eyes.

I dont know if he blushed or sunburned...

Looking at the sun at the sky, the sun is getting more and more venomous, and there are no lush trees in the nearby forest, which can't cover the sun.

She really hopes that the shed he built will be built soon.

Picking up the shirt he threw on the ground, she walked to the forest where she had dug the grass roots.

Wrap the pile of grass roots in his shirt, walk back to him, and pour the grass roots to the ground, "husband, eat some grass roots."

He nodded slightly, "I will eat as soon as the shed is set up."

She took his shirt and went to a nearby beach. There was indeed no shellfish to eat where Bai Qinghao had picked it up.

There are also some colorful shellfish, she does not know, naturally will not pick it up.

You know, if you rush to eat something poisonous, you will only have a few anti-fever medicines and a little knife powder. Without medical treatment, it will kill people.

Thinking about it, even if you can catch a little fish on the beach.

It's a pity that the waves hit the shore, and no fish was seen.

Look at the stone mountain that is immersed in the sea for a thousand meters along the beach.

Maybe some fish can be found there?

Fang Xinxin decided to walk over. After walking for a while, she found some tadpole-sized fish beside the rocky mountain.

It's a pity that there is no net, and you can't get it.

She walked into the sea, the sea flooded her knees, leaned down, and started to flip the rocks in the water.

After turning over a dozen rocks, I found a big sea crab!

It's estimated to be half a catty heavy.

She immediately pressed the left and right sides of the crab cover with her thumb and **** to avoid being caught by the crab's two large tongs.

Lifted out of the water, threw the sea crab into the cloth pocket previously made of Bai Qinghao's shirt, and fastened the pocket.

He continued to lean over the rock in the water, and he turned over ten and a half to two and three crabs.

Looking up at the sun, the sun is particularly vicious. In order to survive, she is not afraid of tanning and terrible heat stroke.

And one meal is enough.

There are many sea crabs and many small fishes here. It will be convenient to come here next time to get food.

She carried a bag of crabs and walked back to the place where Bai Qinghao had set up her shed. "Husband, see what I found?"

Open the cloth pocket to him.

He saw eleven sea crabs in it, and praised, "My wife is really capable." Suddenly he frowned, "Don't do these things in the future, I'll do it."

"It's okay, I am idle anyway." She saw that he had set up a four-poster shed frame with the top and sides of the shed.

On the ground, there is a double-layered cross braided with branches, weeds and leaves in the middle, and a vine fixed roof, about two square meters wide and three square meters long.

Bai Qinghao lifted the roof by himself, stepped on the elevated stone, and covered the roof with great strength on the top of the scaffold set up in advance.

Fang Xinxin sighed that he was really quick and efficient, and for most of the day, he actually set up a temporary shelter from the wind and rain.

You know, there are no knives, no tools, and it's very difficult to pull branches, weeds, and rattans by hand.

She walked up to him, pulled his hands, and saw several blisters on his broad and thick palms, as well as the palms and backs of his hands. Numerous small wounds were cut open on his body and hands. A lot of stains such as sweat and miscellaneous leaves were also smeared.

Her eyes were filled with distress, but she was helpless.