Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 814

Chapter 814:

Needless to think about it, the scalpel and watch in the medicine box will condense and condense water. Even if it is placed in a humid place, you can only get about two pounds of water.

The rest was collected bit by bit from the leaves of the plant.

The two had another delicious sea crab for breakfast.

However, crab is a cold food, it is not good to always eat this.

The temperature is high during the day and there is no need to light a fire.

So after the meal, the fire pile was extinguished and the fire was kept again.

Bai Qinghao went to the woods to collect firewood. Since the food was all eaten and wiped out, there was no extra storage, so he found something to eat by the way.

He walked a little farther this time, walking into the depths of the Zilin...

After Fang Xinxin confessed to him to be more careful, he thinned bamboo and picked long grass nearby.

She continued to cut the bamboo slices with a scalpel, studied and made a basket. With the experience of making bamboo baskets yesterday, she is more proficient in making baskets.

Instead of weaving straw shoes, she chose a bunch of slender rushes, inserted them into the gaps in the woven soles from one side, bent them to one side, and became two...

I tried several times according to the video of weaving straw shoes that I had seen before, and finally succeeded in weaving my first pair of straw shoes.

Her feet were cut from walking, and Bai Qinghao still felt distressed about this.

The first pair of straw sandals was naturally ugly, and then, perhaps because she was too clever, the more they were made, the easier they were, and soon a pair of straw sandals were made for Bai Qinghao.

He looked up at the sky and estimated that it was about 12 noon.

Bai Qinghao went to the forest, why didn't he come back?

She couldn't help but feel a little worried and regretted not following him.

But he didn't want her to be too tired, so he just let her rest at home.

She wants to make up these things herself.

Although he said he would bring back some food, he couldn't wait.

With a cloth bag made of a back basket and Bai Qinghao's clothes, she crossed about one kilometer of the beach to the foot of the sea-soaked mountain. This time, she stopped turning the sea crab and soaked the bamboo back basket in a place in the sea. Outside the cave, there are schools of fish.

It's just that the school of fish is only the size of a tadpole to the size of a little finger.

I've long been greedy for these fishes.

A little bit of raw crab meat made by her was placed in the back basket as bait. Soon the fish swam into the back basket, and she suddenly lifted the bamboo back basket from the sea.

The seawater in the back basket leaked back into the sea through the gaps in the bamboo, leaving only countless small fishes jumping in the back basket. She put the fish she caught in her cloth pocket.

Repeated this way, in addition to catching a trembling young fish, he was lucky to catch a few fish of about three or four.

After finishing this, she turned over the stones again, found two sea crabs, and walked back.

After two steps, I saw this kind of island mountain bag at the end of the beach. It was about 20 to 30 meters high and winding and protruding rocks. It was still possible to climb up.

Suddenly I wanted to stand up and see what this island was like.

She also put the two sea crabs into the cloth pocket full of young fish, tied the opening with tough grass, and put the whole cloth pocket in the back basket.

Climbing up the island mountain with a basket on his back.

The straps of the back basket were made by removing the two sleeves of her shirt, cutting them apart with a knife, and twisting them into strips of cloth. Therefore, her shirt was honored to be sleeveless.

Her body was almost recovered, and she had supernatural powers. She managed to climb the not-so-steep 20- to 30-meter island peak. Although she struggled, she managed to do it.

Standing on the top of the mountain and looking around, I found that the island is in the vast sea.