Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 815

Chapter 815:

Moreover, this island is very big, and the farther it is, the denser the woods will be.

Did not see the traces of human existence.

A desert island.

Closer, on the other side of the island, is a small beach.

There are many edible shells on the beach. Moreover, the intersecting strips of black and white are creeping along the beach.

It's a sea snake!

After counting, there were about thirty snakes in total. Fang Xinxin felt his scalp numb and was extremely excited at the same time.

Fang Xinxin has eaten enough and slept well these days. She wears uncomfortable straw sandals on her feet, which is much better than bare feet.

The skin on her body that had been soaked by sea water was basically healed.

Most people see such dense sea snakes gather together. Sea snakes are poisonous and they must be too late to run.

She climbed down the island in excitement. When she stood on the beach and was close to the snakes, she took out her only scalpel, concentrated her energy, and used her special power to wink her eyes.

The scalpel flew in the air, cutting off a sea snake's head with precision.

Her gaze was once again, and the scalpel flew up again, cutting another snake's head...

Repeated this, not long after, only the headless sea snake remains on the beach, winding and twisting on the beach without dying.

First, she went to the forest by the beach to find a lot of leaves and put a circle inside the bamboo basket, holding a large branch in her hand and turning back to the beach with many snake corpses.

Those sea snakes were dead, silent on the beach.

She carried the cloth in her hand, while exploring the road with branches, to see if there were any hidden sea snakes in the sand under her feet.

Sure enough, a hidden sea snake covered in the sand raised its head towards her, she immediately threw the scalpel out, and the sea snake was instantly shaved off its head.

When picking up the snake corpse, she used a large leaf as a simple glove to wrap the snake corpse.

Soon, all the snake corpses were picked up. There were thirty-two snake corpses, which happened to be a full back basket.

It could have been possible to use supernatural powers to let these snake corpses fly into the basket, but excessive use of supernatural powers would cause her energy to be overdrawn, so pick it up and save some energy.

She didn't climb the twenty to thirty-meter island mountain again this time, because from the beach into the woods, she can bypass the island mountain, turn left, and reach the place where she and Bai Qinghao built the shed.

Only after entering the woods, I heard Bai Qinghao's loud and anxious call, "Xinxin!"

"Wife! Where are you!"

There was a hoarseness in the anxious male voice, and he had obviously been looking for her for a while.

"Husband, I am here!" she responded loudly.

Soon, Bai Qinghao pushed aside the weeds and looked in her direction. When he saw her, he rushed over and held her in his arms.

He is much taller than her. When she saw her carrying a basket full of snake corpses, worry flicked through his deep eyes, and he looked up and down quickly, and checked her situation with his hands, "Wife, are you doing anything? You won't be bitten by snakes." Come on?"

"It's okay." She shook her head, "I am very careful, using a supernatural power to control the snake-brain knife."

He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words, "Next time, I will do things like looking for food."

Actively took the back basket she was carrying, and carried the cloth in her hand.

She became lighter when she was burdened.

The two went to the place where they built the shed.

She happily pointed to the shoal behind the island where the sea snake was caught, "Husband, there are many snakes there, and it is estimated that sea snakes will continue to gather there. Also, there are shells. Don't worry about food."