Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 816

Chapter 816:

He nodded slightly, "From now on, don't do these things, leave them to me."

"Then what am I doing?"

"You stand on the beach and blow the wind every day and look at the scenery."

"..." She smiled. If it were other men who had such a good helper as her during this extraordinary period, it would be too late to be happy. He was reluctant to work with her. "If people are too idle, they will get sick. I do some light work."

He stared at her blushing face with distress, "Don't work, be good."

She does not argue with him either.

He said uncomfortably, "Do you know? How anxious I am when I go outside to collect firewood and come back and cannot find you."

She was silent, he had searched so far, he must have been searching for her for a long time, "I'm sorry, but I was so happy to see so much food at a time, so happy to forget the time."

"I wronged you." Bai Qinghao could only sigh helplessly when he thought of the current environment.

It seemed that the hope of waiting for the boat to pass by was also dim, and then rest for a few days, and had to find a way to leave.

The two returned to the built shed, Fang Xinxin saw two large bundles of dry wood tied with vines outside the shed, and two pheasants.

"Wow, pheasant." She happily said, "This time, the food can be eaten for days."

"Wife, look what this is." Bai Qinghao took a bamboo basket from behind the bundle of firewood and handed it to her.

She saw a basket full of green mangoes, and her eyes were surprised, "This is a wild mango!"

He quickly picked up a mango, peeled the skin, and took a bite.

It's a pity that the wild is sour and astringent, unripe, and ugly. But she still eats it in her stomach without waste.

I'm so happy to have fruit. God knows how much she misses the taste of fruit.

Bai Qinghao looked very uncomfortable, "My wife, you have suffered."

She didn't care at all, "It's good not to go hungry on this kind of desert island."

Relive a lifetime, if you come, you will be safe.

There is nothing worthy of sorrow to respect and love him.

Bai Qinghao put the back basket aside, took a snake corpse, plucked the skin with a scalpel, cut the snake meat into sections, placed it on a large leaf, and strung it with straight branches.

Ignite the fire and start a fire.

The two had a delicious meal of grilled snake meat.

The smell of roasted snake meat spread in the air, and Fang Xinxin squeezed a little wild green mango juice onto the snake meat, which tasted a little sweet and sour. Some seasoning is added.

After the meal, the two were busy.

Bai Qinghao took the only scalpel from Fang Xinxin. Although he had eaten a meal, he threw a basket full of snake corpses, went to the beach not far away, and plucked the snake skins one by one. Snake meat section.

A wooden rack was built on the beach, and grass was used as a rope to tie up sections of snake meat and hang it on the rack to allow the snake meat that could not be eaten to dry naturally.

So as not to deteriorate the meat quality.

Fang Xinxin is also busy here, and she squeezes out the fish's entrails all over her pockets.

Except for more than a dozen small fishes that can be grilled, the rest are only tadpole-sized fish, which can only be used for soup.

Fish with entrails will be very bitter to cook, so squeeze out the entrails for use.

In hot weather, the fish will stink within a few hours.

So, in the same way, she put all the guts squeezed out of the fish on a relatively flat rock to air dry.

It's a pity, there is no salt, otherwise, pickling with salt will make the taste much better.

There are also snake meat that is ready to be air-dried, and it is not salted.