Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 821

Chapter 821:

"Husband, these snakes seem to be irritated, and they are about to besiege us..." Fang Xinxin said nervously.

Bai Qinghao held a hatchet in his hand, "The hatchet just picked up has liquid on it, it should be these unknown liquids to attract snakes."

Fortunately, he was careful in advance, and when he picked up the knife, he took a leaf to wrap the handle of the knife.

"Then we threw the hatchet?" she suggested.

"It seems you can try it." Seeing the encircling circle getting smaller and smaller, he threw the hatchet in his hand to the distance.

Sure enough, some of the snakes wriggled towards the hatchet.

However, there are still some snakes who may be very interested in living creatures and still wriggle toward the two of them.

There were not many weeds around the place where they were standing. Soon, many snakes wriggled out of the grass and began to wriggle over.

"There are too many snakes on the ground and in the grass. Although there are snakes in the trees, we should be able to deal with them. We still have to walk on the trees." Fang Xinxin analyzed.

Bai Qinghao nodded slightly.

Fang Xinxin observed that there were only two snakes on a big tree diagonally in front of her. She used her supernatural powers to take out the only surgery and threw it out. The scalpel flew over and cut off the snake's head.

She continued to use her supernatural powers for a while, the scalpel flew up again, another snake on the tree was also beheaded, and the snake's body fell to the ground.

At the same time, the snake on the horizontal branch about three meters above their heads just fell down.

Fang Xinxin was overwhelmed for a while. Seeing that the snake was about to fall on her, Bai Qinghao waved the stick in his hand and volleyed at the falling snake. The snake was beaten out for several meters in the air.

The crisis hanging over the head is temporarily lifted.

"Husband, my supernatural ability can make you hang in the air temporarily, but I can't do that myself." She looked up at the horizontal branches above her head, about three meters above the ground, "I step on your shoulders and hang Swing this branch to the tree with no snakes in front. I will let you float over again."

Seeing that the ground snake enclosure is getting smaller and smaller, there are also snakes on the tree next to it.

The only thing available is the horizontal trunk where the snake fell just now and the tree diagonally in front of it without a snake. There is no other way.

He immediately squatted down, and Fang Xinxin stroked his head with his hand and stepped on his shoulder.

After he stood up, she tried to maintain her balance and stood up on his shoulders.

When she almost couldn't stand firmly and was about to fall to the ground, Bai Qinghao put the stick in her hand up in time and let her hold it. She held it to keep it steady, and then both hands caught the horizontal tree trunk above.

She dangled the tree trunk with both hands volleyed towards the front trunk several times, and the last one swayed the farthest forcefully, finally reaching the stubble of the tree diagonally ahead.

She almost couldn't stand firmly and fell off the tree, but fortunately, she hugged a stubble of branches in an emergency, so she could not stand firmly on the tree.

While Bai Qinghao stood in place, the dense group of poisonous snakes had already surrounded him tightly.

Fang Xinxin took a deep breath, even if her supernatural powers were so powerful, she wouldn't have enough snakes.

Even some of the snakes crawling in front had already attacked him, but fortunately, he had a stick in his hand, striking the snake seven inches.

It seems that because of the death of the same kind, the whole group of snakes went crazy, and in the next instant, they launched a group attack on him.

Seeing that he was about to be bitten by a group of snakes.

Fang Xinxin used a supernatural power to stare at Bai Qinghao, his body floating in midair.

The snakes spit out the snake letter unwillingly, holding their heads high, trying to bite him.