Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 829

Chapter 829:

Reluctant to make the best move.

He can fumble for a raft, but he can't get out of the boat.

Even though the boats here are flat boats, they are much stronger than rafts in the sea.

The raft that the two of them had rowed earlier still had bamboo baskets and many other things on it. Several villagers looked at the things on the raft from time to time. Suddenly, one of the villagers screamed and didn't know what they were talking about.

Chief Yimo was still on the side, walked to the raft, and picked up a hatchet in the back basket.

Suddenly, all the villagers gathered around with the yelling of one person, and their faces were full of vicious expressions.

Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin had bad feelings in their hearts and did not escape.

Because the other party has more than one hundred people, and the geographical location is familiar to them, this situation can't get away.

Yi Mo dignifiedly pointed to an irregular circular mark on the hatchet handle, and asked in English, "Where did this hatchet come from."

Fang Xinxin replied, "We were living on a deserted island. According to the location, it is the other side of the island. However, the island is very large, and it took four hours for the sea to flow against the current. There is a beach, and the past is a forest. In a shallow range, two kilometers later, there is a deep forest with barriers. A male corpse was found near the barrier. The corpse has been decayed for a long time. Judging from the men's shorts, it is a male. Then, next to his body. We left this hatchet and we picked it up. There were so many poisonous snakes there, and we were almost bitten by snakes."

After talking and making gestures several times, Yimo understood it.

He didn't know what he said to the villagers in the native language. Everyone was extremely excited, all of them angry as if they were about to eat Bai Qinghao's expression.

Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao looked at each other, only to pick up a hatchet, the villagers shouldn't be this reaction.

Hera looked at Bai Qinghao with sympathy, her lips pursed.

Bai Qinghao pointed to Yimo and asked Hera, "What did he say to the villagers?"

"He said..." Hera wanted to tell the truth. She received a warning look from Chief Yimo and wanted to stay in the village, so she could only shook her head.

This man was miserable and would be hacked to death by angry villagers.

Because everyone has seen this man always holding the woman's hand and shoulder, and the look in his eyes, it is obvious that the two are a couple.

The chief is the most prestigious son of God's blessing in the tribe.

When this man and woman arrived in the village, when the chief wanted to hug her, he declared that she already belonged to him.

This man prevented the chief from holding her at the time, which was a challenge to the chief's majesty.

He still had a chance to survive, and that was to be with her and be her man.

Unfortunately, when he was taken to his wooden house just now, he refused her courtship request.

The carrion in the mouth of these men and women is their villager's "No".

The woman said just now that she just picked up the hatchet of'No', she understood.

It is a pity that the chief told everyone that it was the man who killed'No' and grabbed the hatchet.

So, he is dead!

According to village rules, he will be sacrificed by fire.

Hera is the most popular woman in the village. Although she has fancy the new man, it is not necessary for her. It doesn't matter if he is missing.

She would not turn her face with the chief for a man who rejected her.

"No...No!" among the villagers, a middle-aged woman suddenly yelled a few times, tears streaming down her face, as if she couldn't stand the blow, and fainted.