Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 831

Chapter 831:

Yimo knew she was serious, and his face was earthy, "Stop it!"

The villagers saw that the chief was threatened by the neck of the knife holder, so they had to stop.

"You, tell the villagers.'No' was not killed by him!" Fang Xinxin said to Hera.

Hera was hesitating, and Yimo wanted to stop it.

The hatchet in Fang Xinxin's hand continued to cut deeply, "Let Hera explain to everyone!"

"Explain!" Yi Mo nearly split his neck and body with pain, and he couldn't care much.

Hera reluctantly said to a group of villagers that the new man was not the murderer of "No", but just picked up "No"'s hatchet.

"Nuo" died beside the poisonous gas forest on the other side of the desert island.

The anger of the villagers slowly calmed down.

Many people looked at the chief with incomprehension, and then at Bai Qinghao, I don't know what they asked Hera in the native language.

Fang Xinxin guessed, "Tell them that your chief only framed me in order to get me!"

Hera didn't want to say that. Didn't that offend the chief completely?

In this case, if the chief is okay, she will be miserable.

Just as she hesitated, Fang Xinxin relieved her worry and said in English, "Don't worry, your chief is dead!"

A strong man among the villagers suddenly said something to Hera.

Hera immediately yelled to everyone in native dialect, "Imo was frantic. In order to get a new woman, he planted and framed that man. That man died, and the woman belongs to him!"

"Hera, you are crazy!" Yimo was shocked.

What is the prestige of his chief if she said so!

Fang Xinxin said sarcastically in Yimo's ear, "Silly B, you can't tell, there is another strong man in the village who wants to take your place? You asked for it, and I fulfilled him."

Hera listened, and translated her words to the strong man in native language.

The man Xinxin gave a grateful smile, and his honey-colored almost dark complexion made him laugh, only to see a mouthful of white teeth.

"We are leaving here and prepare the best ship!" Fang Xinxin didn't want to stay in this **** tribe either.

Anyway, Bai Qinghao also said before, staying nearby temporarily, stealing a boat and leaving.

It's better to grab one now.

The man here saw her eyes glow, and the woman saw Bai Qinghao's eyes warm.

If I stay here, I don't know what bad things will happen.

It's safer to get out early.

"Imo's boat is the largest, the middle one." Hera, the only English-speaking person, pointed to the boat under the big wooden house in the shallow sea. It seemed to be a little bigger than the other boats, and it was only a large one. Flat boat.

Bai Qinghao said to Xinxin, "Wife, go to Yimo's boat."

She nodded slightly, pressing Yimo's neck with the knife holder in her hand, Yiyan.

Bai Qinghao first moved the things on the bamboo raft he and Xinxin had taken to that boat.

Generally, people here tie their boats to the pillars under their water wooden houses.

Bai Qinghao directly turned to the wooden house with the boat and the pillars, and found two sets of raincoats, two bamboo baskets of dried wax, and a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables.

There is also a plastic water tank with a cover, which is also filled with fresh water.

Hera mentioned earlier that there is a stream formed by mountain springs in the forest not far from the village, and everyone's drinking water is taken from there.