Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 833

Chapter 833:

You have to paddle at sea for eight days, and the water you drink matters.

But Fang Xinxin felt that her body was about to be covered with the salt of the seawater with greasy sweat, which ruined her skin. It's crazy not to take a shower.

If the average person does not necessarily agree with her to do so.

Bai Qinghao nodded.

She saves water.

I tore off the sleeves of one of the blouses as towels, and blocked them with an umbrella to prevent Bai Qinghao from seeing it and wipe him.

After dampening the body, carefully rub off the mud and dirt on the body, and then use a towel to wet the water to wash off the dirt.

It took more than two catties of water to take a bath easily.

Put on one of the women's suits that Bai Qinghao snatched.

Thinking with your toes, you know that these two women's suits are probably from Yimo's women.

The two sets of menswear are probably Yimo himself.

Bai Qinghao didn't take a bath, but changed into a suit of men's clothing.

Although it had to float on the sea for eight days, because I found a lot of good things in Yimo's house.

There is an alcohol stove hot pot, a small barrel of flammable alcohol.

There are so many things to eat, cured meats, fruits and vegetables.

There is a lighter to ignite the fine wine stove, you can cook a small hot pot dish on the boat.

There are large tanks of water that can be eaten and used for several days, and there are several buckets in which you can put a few hatchets and metal objects to condense dew at dawn.

The water container is too big, and the hatchet inside can condense dew much faster than watches and scalpels.

So, basically, they have no shortage of drinking water.

This time floating at sea, as long as the safety of the hull is ensured and the ship does not capsize, it is not as difficult as falling into the sea before.

In contrast, they are much happy.

By the evening of the third day, there was still a rain on the sea.

Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin were so happy that they took a bath in the rain and changed their clothes.

He filled all the vessels with rainwater.

In the rain, there were two people left on the boat...

When you don't want to get in the rain, put on the raincoat you grabbed.

On the seventh day, although he was still on the vast sea, occasionally I could see an island after a long time around. It was no longer like I could not even see the shadow of the island before.

However, the two did not intend to land on the passing islands.

Because one did not see people, and the other, it was only one day away from the nearest town.

The water and food on the boat can last one day.

By the eighth day, the water and food on the two-man boat were declared to be used up.

Fortunately, from a distance, I saw the land 500 meters ahead, and some houses were built high and low.

We got closer and found that those houses were particularly dilapidated.

"Great, we finally got ashore!" Fang Xinxin almost cried with joy when the ship docked at the seaside port.

Bai Qinghao hugged her and patted her on the shoulder, "Let's find a place to call and let someone come and pick him up."

The two walked out of the port and walked on the dilapidated town.

Said to be a small town, every house is either with broken eaves or broken walls, or the paint is old, or the grass has fallen into disrepair.

There are only two footsteps on the old streets of Shen, and the whole town is like an unmanned ghost town.

"Anyone?" Fang Xinxin asked aloud.

The surroundings were strangely quiet and stunned.

Bai Qinghao's face was extraordinarily solemn, "My wife, something is wrong here. There is no boat in the port, only our boat. In this town..."

Glancing at the wall, he actually saw the traces of bullet rain.

Fang Xinxin also noticed, "There has been a gunfight here!"

Suddenly, a suffocating sense of danger came.

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