Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 835

Chapter 835:

"It may not be safe. Observe first." Bai Qinghao took her up to the second floor, leaning her back against the wall of the second floor, and looking at the distant port from the broken window sill.

The large flat boat that the two had arrived stopped on the shore.

Suddenly, a dark-skinned young man got on the only flat boat and paddled hard to leave.

But it was only a few tens of meters away, and I didn't know where to throw a grenade in the air. Boom!

There was a loud blast of fire, and the man was blown away by the boat.

Fragments of the ship and fragments of limbs floated on the surface of the sea.

The bright red blood water spread tens of meters on the sea surface, and then gradually dispersed.

The only ship that could leave the port was also bombed.

"It seems that we are not the only ones who want to leave this town." Fang Xinxin concluded with some regret.

"There are dangers in the dark." Bai Qinghao glanced at his wife, "You follow me closely, don't go away."

"Okay." Her expression was indifferent.

Bai Qinghao stared at her calm expression, "Aren't you afraid?"

"With you, I'm not afraid of anything." She said so.

He listened to it very usefully, and vowed to himself that he would protect her with his life.

The two went up to the third-floor roof and squatted under the one-meter-high concrete fence on the roof.

The two saw the gap between the two houses in front of them. Two foreign men shot and killed a woman with an Asian face, grabbed the gun in her hand, and quickly hid in the house.

The two immediately understood that those who appeared here would kill each other.

I really don't understand what kind of horrible environment I have fallen into.

But the urgent thing right now is obviously to hide and not be discovered.

Otherwise, they will be killed as a target.

An atmosphere of tension and danger is virtually permeated.

Suddenly, Bai Qinghao observed a familiar symbol on the wall in front of him with a telescope, and suddenly said confidently, "Here is Aaron!"

"What?" Fang Xinxin was surprised.

"I saw the mark he left."

"Didn't he disappear on Mogala Island?" Fang Xinxin asked suspiciously, "Is this Mogala Island?"

"No." Bai Qinghao shook his head, "This is obviously an abandoned town on the edge of the land. Mogara Island is not like this. For whatever reason, since Aaron is here, he has also signed a distress signal, so we call him find out."

She nodded.

The voices of the two of them were so low that only Pippi could hear them.

Waiting for the two foreign men to search from the gap in the building, Bai Qinghao aimed at one of them and shot him headshot.

The other man couldn't figure out where the gun was fired, but he quickly hid it.

Because he revealed his position, Bai Qinghao jumped from the rooftop to another building, sneaked down the next floor, and shot him to death.

It just so happened that his pistol was out of bullets, after throwing it away.

Just grabbed two guns from the two.

Fang Xinxin followed him down the third floor and walked behind him.

Bai Qinghao handed one of the guns to her, "My wife, take self-defense. I will teach you how to shoot..."

Just about to explain, she said first, "I will."

After the rebirth had money, she did not drag him down like the previous life.

She often learns to shoot, and secretly practiced with a few guns.

With supernatural powers, she learned more with less effort. Nowadays, marksmanship is actually quite accurate.

He glanced at her in surprise, "Even this one?"

She laughed, "A little bit."

"Then save trouble." He said solemnly, "obediently hide behind me."