Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 841

Chapter 841:

"I won't hurt you again!" Bai Qinghao's face was as hard as a knife, and his voice was so painful that it seemed to be coming out of his chest.

Nevertheless, seeing her bleeding stopped, he listened to her, leaving a little bit of powder.

Dai Wei'an in the driver's seat turned sideways and looked at Fang Xinxin.

I thought that the woman's wound was not shallow, but she could bear it without saying a word.

I thought that a beautiful daughter like her would scream with pain.

Of course, he wouldn't be so stupid to boast about Fang Xinxin.

Staring at the appearance of Bai Qinghao taking care of her medicine, the fatal tenderness in that coldness can't be concealed.

Just one glance can tell that Bai Qinghao loves Fang Xinxin deeply.

Dai Wei'an originally thought, to get a $10 million reward for a "game" and spend the rest of his life comfortably.

Now with Bai Qinghao, one of the world's richest people, ten million dollars is nothing.

This man was recognized as generous in his shots. He gave Fang Xinxin a new car, and he shot ten cars, and the cheapest one cost more than two million.

Changed his mind, hooked on Bai Qinghao, for himself, it was the most beneficial.

And Fang Xinxin, this woman, is her own stumbling block.

However, in this place where life seems worthless, is it not easy to kill Fang Xinxin?

It can also be dismissed as being done by other game players.

Absolutely ignorant and unconscious.

Wei An made a careful calculation in her heart, but there was a pretended expression of concern on her face, "Miss Fang, Mr. Bai really loves you."

She looked around for a while, "There is only one of us at the foot of the mountain, whether it is on the hillside or around, in case someone comes. We are easy targets."

The implication is that Fang Xinxin has affected them.

Bai Qinghao couldn't hear it, so she glared at Dai Wei'an, "Fuck me!"

Dai Wei'an was frightened by his ferocious eyes, "President Bai, I just saved you... don't drive me. This place is far away from the wilderness, far from the town. Ten days of cool battles, now in the game There are very few'players', but everyone who can survive is the elite. If you leave me in this place, I will starve to death."

Bai Qinghao was not moved by her. I looked around the remote mountain roads, and the surroundings looked uninhabited.

Neither he nor Xinxin knew the map route for this ghost place.

The woman said that she was familiar with the map after running in it for many days.

One person needs to lead the way.

After he helped Fang Xinxin bandage the wound, he pointed a gun at Dai Wei'an's head, "Drive, go to the game border."

Leave this horrible place, and then mobilize people to handle it here.

I believe I can find Aaron.

"President Bai, the'game' map is halfway around the sea, and there is only one port on the sea. Everyone only enters, does not exit, and leaves from the sea. Even if they are not killed by the player, they will be attacked by the dealer. There is a dead end." Dai Wei'an is worried. To speak.

Bai Qinghao thought of the foreign man who wanted to leave in the flat boat he and Xinxin had taken, but was blown up by his company.

This seems to confirm that Dai Wei'an has not lied on this point.

"Go to the mountain border." Bai Qinghao frowned.

Dai Wei'an had no choice but to drive the two over.

When it reached the border of the game, a ten-meter-high power grid stood on the border, winding for a long time until it seemed boundless, enclosing all the players in a vast area.