Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 842

Chapter 842:

Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin got off the car and saw this scene, and there was a fleeting shock in their eyes.

It seems that the dealer of the game has really lost his money!

Below the power grid, there is a corpse that was scorched by high-voltage electricity, with a gesture of climbing, which shows how much he wanted to climb out of the grid during his lifetime. Unfortunately, it was burned into charcoal by the high-voltage electricity .

Dai Wei'an got out of the driver's seat and walked to Bai Qinghao's side, "President Bai, look at that corpse..."

Bai Qinghao saw a rabbit in the grass not far away, he shot it over, and the rabbit was shot dead.

He walked to the rabbit, picked up the rabbit's body and threw it towards the grid. The rabbit's carcass was scorched when it touched the grid, and even the bones almost melted on the grid.

If a person climbs onto the grid, it can be seen that there will be the same end.

Not to mention, outside the power grid, there are also bullets densely packed by snipers arranged by the dealer.

It seems that the only way to leave is to win the'game'.

"Mr. Bai, let's go first. It's really unsafe here..." Dai Wei'an looked at the extended power grid twenty or thirty meters away, really scared.

"Drive." Bai Qinghao said to her and entered the back seat of the car with Fang Xinxin.

On this map, there are cars parked in front of some houses, including motorcycles and cars, and trucks.

Dai Wei'an got into the driver's seat with joy and drove around, "President Bai, where are we going now?"

He assured her to drive, indicating that he trusted her, right?

Bai Qinghao didn't bother to sit in the chair she had sat on and the steering wheel she had touched, "whatever."

Dai Wei'an drove the car across the grass, the jungle trail, and into a yard in the woods. She watched, "This place seems to be nobody."

There is an abandoned two-story house in the yard.

The three people got out of the car and scouted around the yard and the house from the first floor to the second floor, and only after finding that there was no one, they were slightly relieved.

For dealers and wealthy high rollers, this is a game of gambling.

For the player in this horrible place, it will be truly deadly.

"President Bai, what shall we do now?" Dai Wei'an asked with a horrified expression, "Can we only kill other players and win this'game' victory?"

"It seems that there is no second way." Bai Qinghao narrowed Bingsen's eyes slightly.

For him, it is not difficult to win.

"Mr. Bai, I'm so scared, can you protect me?" Dai Wei'an was like a frightened rabbit, her eyes seemed to be filled with mist.

If you change to another man, you have to hug her to comfort you, and then hug the muddy ground...

Perhaps Bai Qinghao also has this idea.

It's just that Fang Xinxin is present, so it's hard to understand.

She glanced at Fang Xinxin, who was silent beside her, and the more she looked at it, the more she felt an eyesore.

Bai Qinghao ignored Dai Wei'an. He took Xinxin's hand and walked out, while speaking, "Let's go to the forest outside the courtyard."

Wei An looked at the two people leaving together, and a vicious ray flashed across Chuchu's poor eyes.

Fang Xinxin had better not place an order, otherwise...

Is its death date!

"President Bai, wait for me." She followed the pace of the two.

What are they doing in the woods? It must be the kind of shameful thing to do. Fang Xinxin, a restless woman, wanted to seduce Bai Qinghao at this time, so shameless!

It's not just the light bulb in the past.

In the woods outside the courtyard, weeds grow along the path, and there are many dry branches.