Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 853

Chapter 853:

Fang Xinxin lay on the ground and pretended to be dead, watching the helicopter Bai Qinghao was flying farther away, turning into a small dot until he couldn't see it.

The sun is warm and the autumn is clear.

I don't know how long it will take to bury the corpse here before Bai Qinghao comes to rescue?

According to his power, soon.

Ten hours? Five hours?

Maybe two or three hours.

Anyway, she didn't think it would be long.

Think of it as sunshine.

The direction in which she fell on her side was down the hillside.

Seeing a small ditch on the side of the road down the slope, from her perspective, only the surface of the ditch can be seen, not the corpse of the ditch Lialun.

If she guessed correctly, Aaron was not dead either.

Because even though the bald man shot indiscriminately before, she saw that the bald man only hit Aaron's arm. How could he die if he hit the arm?

But the boy Aaron was dressed in tattered and **** dirty clothes and looked like he had been shot many times.

Although this ghost place has been monitored, the cameras have blind spots. Moreover, it is very likely that some of the cameras have been destroyed by the player.

She bet that Aaron dared to fall into the ditch and pretend to be dead with a shot in the arm. It must be in the semi-blind area of the camera.

Those watching the surveillance thought he was shot and died.

She and Aaron successfully deceived the dealers and gamblers who bet behind the scenes.

Otherwise, it would not be announced that Bai Qinghao won the game clearance.

However, Aaron's idiot is also really miserable, it is not good to choose where to fall, choose the ditch.

Isn't it cold to soak in the stream?

She wanted to move, but she did not dare to stretch her body for fear of being discovered by surveillance.

Looking at it from another angle, I think Aaron is smart and plunged into the small ditch by the road.

There is always no camera in the ditch.

Then, he can move freely in the ditch.

Ugh. Fang Xinxin sighed, but Aaron's soaking in the stream was more comfortable than her.

An ant climbed onto her body, bit her, and stung a blister on her skin.

She endured the urge to slap the ant to death.

There was another mosquito on her body, sucking her blood.

I really want to jump up and kill the mosquitoes!


At least I have to lie down for a few hours.

She thought without tears, probably bitten by mosquitoes on the mountain. I regret it a little bit, why not go to the house and die.

However, the house here is in the wild, and there are many mosquitoes, which is not much better.

She was sad for less than ten minutes.

Suddenly a mechanized female computer voice sounded on the radio, "Now let's spread oil!"

Dozens of black helicopters flew through the air with a loud roar.

Countless barrels of oil were spilled from the helicopter.

Fang Xinxin suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart!

Spreading oil on the vast game battlefield is obviously to destroy the scene!

With so many corpses of game players here, what could burn faster than a fire?

So much oil poured down, and when it was time to ignite, it burned into a large piece, even if she was alive, she would have to be burned to death.

She ran if she wanted to.

But I was afraid that the people on the helicopter would find that she was not dead. She would still be killed if the guns were fired indiscriminately, so she had to endure it.

Half an hour later, the oiled helicopter retreated without a trace.

"Now let's start poisoning." A mechanized female voice resounded on the radio.

Fang Xinxin clearly saw that the underground pipes next to several houses not far away began to emit white poisonous smoke.

That kind of thick poisonous smoke will kill you if you take a sip.

The poisonous smoke slowly spread around, seeing her getting closer and closer.