Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 854

Chapter 854:

Fang Xinxin felt depressed, and he really didn't even give a chance to bite the corpse.

She doesn't want to be poisoned to death. Although her supernatural ability can hide in front of people, she can't block surveillance video.

At this time, I jumped up and ran, and I saw it in the video for the dealer behind the scenes. Wouldn't it be possible for countless people to chase and kill her, and even want to understand that she was guilty of death, thus chasing Bai Qinghao?

When the poisonous smoke came over, she held her breath, and she could hold her for one second.

I intend to delay it again, at least give Bai Qinghao a little more time.

Fortunately, when she could not hold back and was about to flee for her life, the mechanized female voice on the radio once again sounded, "Please evacuate the snipers located outside the game base. Three minutes later, we will start cleaning the battlefield! Turn off the monitoring and cut off the power supply."

When Fang Xinxin heard that the surveillance was shut down, no one would see the situation on the battlefield.

She immediately got up from the ground, picked up the backpack on the ground next to her, covering her mouth and nose, and quickly rushed down the mountain in a white toxic smoke.

When he rushed to the foot of the mountain, he immediately jumped into the ditch by the side of the road and almost stepped on Aaron, who was lying in it.

Toxic smoke goes up, so there is still a bit of unpolluted fresh air in the ditch.

Aaron lay down in the ditch, breathing heavily, "Oh, Miss Fang, you are here. I don't know if we were poisoned first or burned into roast pigs?"

Fang Xinxin immediately lay down in the ditch, flipping through her backpack, and took out two gas masks from inside, put one on herself, and handed the other to Aaron, "Hurry up. Go to the lake ahead!"

In the past few days, when Aaron kept looking for the bald male player before, she and Bai Qinghao wiped out the backpacks of many players who had died.

Two gas masks were collected and kept for future use.

There was almost no water in this ditch, and it was poured with oil. After a while, the fuel fire burned, and there was only a dead end.

Aaron immediately put on the gas mask and quickly climbed out of the ditch with her and ran towards the other side of the lake.

Fang Xinxin wore a stolen watch on her left wrist, "There are still two minutes and twenty seconds!"

"The lake in front is at least two kilometers away, so I can't run it!" Aaron ran quickly with her as he said.

The car Bai Qinghao drove before stopped on the side of the road, and Aaron pulled the car door, "Let's get in the car and go!"

"No." Fang Xinxin said, "This car is filled with gasoline. If you start the car and ignite, it will explode. It will cause all the gasoline in the entire base to be ignited. By then, we will not be roast pigs, even ashes. Left!"

Although she was talking, she did not slow down at all.

Aaron found it reasonable.

Quickly keep up with her.

The two ran energetically towards the lake two kilometers away.

Just when Aaron thought he would die on the road, Fang Xinxin turned a corner and ran to an abandoned house on the right.

"Hey!" Aaron shouted, "The lake is not over there, you are running in the wrong direction!"

Fang Xinxin turned a deaf ear and ran into the house.

Aaron didn't know whether to wait for her or to continue running toward the lake.

The fastest person in the world can run a maximum of 540 meters in one minute.

An average person can run 250 to 400 meters in one minute.

Even if he trains quickly and well, he can't be the fastest runner in the world.

There are still two minutes, no matter how you calculate your steps, you can't run two kilometers.

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