Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 857

Chapter 857:

Therefore, he knew it was not uncommon.

Before, Bai Qinghao had also asked her how she left the underground base of Black Owl.

She told him before.

Fang Xinxin ignored Aaron and couldn't help thinking, how is Bai Qinghao?

Has he contacted his subordinates? With such a big flame, even if he had found someone to rescue her and Aaron, he might not be close to the source of the fire.

The weather is very dry, a wide range of fires are burning, and there are thousands of degrees of high temperature near the fire source.

I hope that he will not be anxious and treat it wisely anyway.

Aaron frowned when she saw her beautiful little face. He looked worried and couldn't help but comfort him. "Don't worry, the boss has no opponents. As long as you leave this ghost place, no one can kill him."

She nodded slightly.

He did not speak, looking at her stunning face, he suddenly felt that it would be nice to be alone with her like this.

Once, everyone thought that the boss had found the worst woman in the world.

In fact, she is the best.

Not only has beauty, noble family background, and extremely smart mind. The supernatural power she knows is one in a billion.

Especially, at the moment of life crisis, she is not afraid of danger and will not abandon her friends.

He...is her friend?

Aaron couldn't help but envy the boss very much, because he got the best woman in the world.

The raging fire burned for a day and a half.

The two were dizzy because they were hungry, but fortunately there was lake water to drink.

As the flames diminished, hundreds of helicopters sprinkled water and used fire extinguishers to put out the fire.

If the fire is extinguished when the fire is in full swing, the aircraft will have to be burned down.

A large number of fire trucks pumped nearby water sources to extinguish the fire. The fire is reduced and controlled.

In mid-air, Bai Qinghao was riding on one of the helicopters, his resolute face collapsed tightly, and his eagle-like eyes kept observing the situation below with a telescope.

After he left the game base in the game dealer's helicopter, he immediately killed all the personnel on the plane, grabbed the mobile phones of the personnel on the plane, and contacted his subordinates.

The game dealer found something was wrong and immediately sent someone to hunt him down.

At first, he avoided the chase of a large number of people, and when the manpower he mobilized was all available, he immediately killed a carbine.

Killed the people who chased him and prepared to rescue Fang Xinxin and Aaron.

But when he rushed to the outside of the game base, the goal was blazing.

He immediately ordered fire fighting.

In addition, several snipers arranged by the dealer who had not had time to evacuate were also caught.

It was learned from the opponent that before the game base poured oil and set fire, it actually threw poisonous smoke.

In other words, there is no survivor in the game base!

The fire is too strong, the weather is dry, the nearest lake is in the base, and there is no water source outside.

Not only was it impossible to put out the fire in time, but the water transported from a distance by the water tanker to extinguish the fire was a waste of money.

The large-scale fire not only burns more and more under the effect of wind, even the helicopter cannot fly over the fire source.

Bai Qinghao asked the game dealer's nest from the sniper's mouth, and personally led people to take his nest in one fell swoop, killing a piece of armor without leaving.

Since then, this cruel game has disappeared from the earth!

After killing his eyes, he returned to the outskirts of the game base and directed the fire fighting anxiously.

Finally, the fire was under control, and it became smaller, and the helicopter could fly over a large area of fire.

At this time, according to Fang Xinxin's separation, one and a half days have passed!