Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 859

Chapter 859:

Bai Qinghao held Fang Xinxin and climbed up the ladder, Aaron followed.

The three left the game base by helicopter.

It took another two days for the fire at the base to go out.

Fortunately, that place was not only a three-regardless zone, but also extremely remote. The fire did not affect residents who were very far away.


In a blink of an eye, Fang Xinxin, Bai Qinghao, and Aaron have returned home for half a month.

After removing the subgun from Aaron's arm, he has basically recovered. After recovering, he went abroad again and led the team to take away the lair of the blood evil alliance, forcing the leader of the blood evil alliance Xiang Feili to hide.

Bai Qinghao has been with Fang Xinxin in the Royal Court.

Xinxin was in the fire field of the game base. Apart from being cold and hungry in the lake, Xinxin was also ill.

However, after half a month of recuperation, not only did the body recover, but the tanned skin also turned white.

Fang Xinxin stood in the elegant courtyard of the Bai family's old house, recalling the excited and happy expressions of his father Long Xuan and grandfather Long Jingyuan when he first returned to China.

There are also Bai Qinghao's grandfather Bai Chongshan, his father Bai Hong, and his mother Ye Yunzhi.

The five elders almost cried with joy.

When she and Qinghao learned that the five elders were so worried that they could not think about tea and rice and could not sleep at night, they felt guilty.

Therefore, the two lived in the Long's Villa for a week, and then in the Bai's old house to accompany the elderly on both sides.

When the two disappeared, the Bai family and the Long family almost sent everyone out to find the whereabouts of the two.

Even her elder brother Fang Shaohua, who was looking for Sun Jiamu, stopped and looked for her first.

After all, the eldest brother knew that Sun Jiamu was safe, because she had brought a letter to her grandparents. But she was missing.

After she came back safely, her elder brother was extremely happy, and after that, she continued to look for Jiamu's whereabouts without stopping.

Fang Xinxin walked for a while in the courtyard of the Bai family's old house, Bai Chenxi saw her from a distance, and a pair of seemingly gentle eyes flashed unwillingly.

He wanted to approach her very much. Since she returned to China, every time he approached her, Bai Qinghao would order him to give him a hit.

Two or three times down, he only dared to look at her from a distance.

She is really getting more and more beautiful.

Now, she has graduated from university, and her grandfather Long Jingyuan has also announced that the Long Group will be inherited by her, Fang Xinxin.

She is the only daughter of the Long Family in the century-old family. She is also the internationally renowned designer Alice, and she is also the chairman of the Sun Consortium.

He also married Bai Qinghao, the most noble man in the empire.

She has become the most noble woman in the empire.

And this woman, who had always admired him Bai Chenxi, should belong to him!

Bai Chenxi's heart is infinitely unwilling and angry, but there is nothing he can bear.

Both the Bai family and the Long family are terrifying! He originally thought that Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin had been missing for so long, and these two families should be in a mess. Although he and his mother Huang Zhishu could not control the Long family, they could at least enter the Bai family.

Unexpectedly, the few old things in the Bai family weren't fuel-efficient lamps at all.

While the Bai family madly sent people to search for people, it operated as usual. Even the Shengshi Group, under the name of Bai Qinghao, did not get confused by the absence of the president.

With capable personnel selected by Bai Qinghao, the Shengshi Group operates as usual.

If the Bai family doesn't fall, even if someone in the Shengshi Group wants to make trouble, they can't splash any water.

He missed too much that Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin would never come back if they disappeared.

But the two of them happened to be alive, and fortunately they came back gracefully.