Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 862

Chapter 862:

"That's for you." Huang Zhishu said, "I overheard the private conversation between Doctor Shi Qian and Qinghao. Doctor Shi said that Xinxin had a special physique and it was difficult to have children. Moreover, Doctor Shi also said, Qinghao I have done two inspections on fertility in private, and there is no problem at all."

Bai Chongshan frowned, "Is what you said is true?"

"Daughter-in-law dare not say anything." Huang Zhishu made a gesture to swear, and Su Er said again, "Dad, think about it, although Xinxin and Qinghao have only been married for about a year, but the two were married before Regalia lived together for almost two years. This is equivalent to three years without having a child. Isnt it a problem?"

"..." Bai Chongshan was silent.

He personally called Shi Qian, the family doctor of the Bai family, but the other party refused to say at first, but he had to admit it when he was threatening and angry.

After the old man hung up the phone, an old face looked particularly heavy.

"Dad, I think this is a serious matter. I should tell my brother and sister-in-law." Huang Zhishu weighed and said, "Chenxi is only the adopted son of the Bai family. Qinghao is the only heir of the Bai family, and Xinxin cannot give birth to this. Things are related to the future of the Bai family..."

"Isn't it difficult to have children?" Bai Chongshan snapped her words off, "How can I say that I am barren!"

"They have been together for three years..." Huang Zhishu looked kind and compassionate, "The Bai family can't have a back. Didn't Qinghao and Xinxin live together in the Royal Court before? Send someone to ask the servant over there. People, did the two of them have contraception? Qinghao said yes, if not, the Bai family cant afford to wait for more than three years."

"Enough!" Bai Chongshan rubbed his eyebrows with a headache.

He is very satisfied with Xinxin's grandson-in-law, if she can't give birth...

In any case, the Bai family can't have no future.

Soon, Bai Qinghao's parents Bai Hong and Ye Yunzhi also learned of this.

Within an hour, the old lady Bai sent someone to the Imperial Court and asked the servant over there.

It is said that I have never seen avoiding \yunT and never seen Fang Xinxin taking avoidance and pregnancy medicine.

For a while, Bai Qinghao's three close relatives were silent.

For the next month, Fang Xinxin felt that Bai Qinghao's parents and grandfather Bai Chongshan looked at her with a hesitant appearance.

However, she asked the three of them what happened, but the other side refused to say.

It was Huang Zhishu who asked Fang Xinxin whether she was pregnant or not, and said that she was not anxious.

Fang Xinxin is a smart person, and has already expected something.

Early that morning, Fang Xinxin was lying on the bed in a bedroom on the third floor of the old house of the Bai family.

Bai Qinghao has already got up, there is still his residual warmth on the bed.

After returning to China for a month and a half, he and her are extremely affectionate.

Every night there is an effort to create people.

Putting on her clothes, she was going downstairs for breakfast.

Only when I reached the top of the stairs on the second floor, I heard quarrels from the restaurant on the first floor.

"Qinghao, Xinxin has difficulty giving birth, how long do you want to hide it!" It was the angry voice of the old lady Bai Chongshan, "Don't you think that I can't hold my great-grandson and can't hold my great-grandson?"

"There are always regrets in life. It's your business to die or not." Bai Qinghao didn't take it seriously.

Bai Chongshan sat at the dining table and threw his chopsticks in anger, "You..."

He was so angry that he squinted his beard, trembling all over, unable to speak.