Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 865

Chapter 865:

Bai Chenxi looked at her mother's calm expression, walked over and sat down suspiciously.

Zhi Shu said earnestly, "Son, why didn't mom make plans for you? You know, mom can get into the Bai family in this life, marry that waste of Bai Jin, he is dead, we can still eat spicy food at the Bai family , Is already my greatest achievement. I count on you and Jingrou. Now, your sister is blind, and her lower body is also paralyzed. People in prison are not as good as dead, and they are facing shooting. Mom hates it. Home! How can you really give them a good idea?"

"Then what do you mean..."

"Even if I don't talk about this idea. How can those old things in the Bai family be so refined? How can they not think of it? I say it, but it is plain personal." Huang Zhishu's eyes were sharp, "Bai Qinghao except Fang Xinxin , Wont get close to other females. The old people of the Bai family seem to be overwhelmed. They will definitely give Qinghaosai a woman. When the time comes, not only will it be unsuccessful, it will not be half a good idea. This idea Since I mentioned it, maybe they would ask me to help imagine. If they let me find a woman for Qinghao..."

After a pause, he said again, "Didn't you have a nice girl named Cuiqin out there. You made her belly bigger, and then planted the child in her belly to Bai Qinghao. In this way, the Bai family Your childrens property is inherited. Doesnt everything in the Bai family fall into your hands?"

Bai Chenxi disagrees, "Mom, you think it's too simple. As long as the woman who is in contact with me, the Bai family will definitely be cautious, even if the child is born, she will do a paternity test, and will not be exposed at that time."

"Of course it is impossible for the Bai family to discover your relationship with that woman. Keep everything secret. Mom has a way to make Cui Qin appear in the sight of the old people in the Bai family. As for the paternity test, it will come to the stage of paternity testing. Another idea to do it."

Bai Chenxi narrowed her eyes, "Mom, I think, rather than waste the Zhou chapter so much, it is better for you to work harder on Dad's side. It is the easiest way to let Dad's friend kill Bai Qinghao."

"And Fang Xinxin. She must die!" Huang Zhishu gritted her teeth bitterly, "If it weren't for her, your sister Jingrou would not have fallen into the current miserable situation."

"Since both Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin will not live long, we might as well sit back and reap the profits."

"Do you think Mom doesn't want to?" Huang Zhishu was a little discouraged, "I don't know what's going on, Bai Qinghao actually found out that the man behind the scenes who sent people to kill him in recent years was Xiang Feili, the leader of the Blood Fiend Alliance. Xiang Feili's nest. They were all sent by Bai Qinghao, and she herself is now avoiding chasing and killing by Bai Qinghao's hands. We have to make other preparations."

Bai Chenxi's face became serious, "Mom, does Xiang Feili know about our relationship with Dad?"

"Of course I don't know, otherwise, we can still sit here?" Huang Zhishu coldly snorted, "Even if she dies someday, it is impossible to know that your father used her as a fool."

"Mom, don't mention Xiang Feili again. This is too dangerous!" Bai Chenxi's face was frozen.

"Okay, do it both. Xiang Feili will definitely find a way to kill Bai Qinghao. Now you coax Cui Qin well, and Mom will try to get her into Bai Chongshan's sight." Huang Zhishu's eyes are full of calculations. "Or, no matter which woman the parents of Bai Qinghao choose for Bai Qinghao in the future, you will secretly make that woman's belly bigger."