Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 868

Chapter 868: Finale 1

She sent a lot of text messages to Jiamu, but she never heard back.

Jia Mu's father called her and said that Jia Mu had changed her contact information and went to live elsewhere, but...

I don't want to contact the others for the time being.

Therefore, its safety is not a problem.

She knew that Jia Mu had been hiding from Fang Shaohua.

If you don't contact her, one is afraid that she will tell Shaohua Jiamu's contact information, and the other is that Jiamu misunderstands that Shaohua is in love with her sister.


[You have been away for almost ten months. My eldest brother is looking for you every day. His prosperous career has stagnated and even left a lot of waste. The woman he loves is you, but he is too simple in emotional terms and mistaken his affection for me as love. This is not the first time I have explained this to you, but I am afraid that if you haven't been on WeChat for too long, the message will disappear and you will not be able to see it. Jiamu, I miss you, come back!

She edited another paragraph and sent it to Sun Jiamu's WeChat.

Regardless of whether she can see it or not, she can just say it.

She turned her head and looked at the sunny sky outside the window. Yesterday her elder brother said that after so long looking for a headless fly, he often visited Sun Jiamus parents. From his grandfather, he has determined where Jiamu is. Will rush over to find Jiamu.

I hope my brother and Jia Mu can have a good result.


In a small rural village 200 kilometers away from the imperial capital, Fang Shaohua drove a BMW SUV on the asphalt road. While observing the surrounding environment, there were not many households in the village, only more than 30 households.

According to the address given by his grandfather, he walked along the asphalt road to the foot of the mountain, along the road to the circle of the village, and the house halfway up the mountain was the address Jiamu rented.

When he drove the car to the foot of the mountain, he looked up at the mountain.

There is only one family in the middle of the mountain, which is easy to find.

Five minutes later, he drove into a small courtyard halfway up the mountain.

Not afraid to admit his mistake, because he saw Jiamu's Audi Q7 parked in the yard.

As soon as he got out of the car, he looked around the surroundings. It was the kind of white half-old brick house, two-story small building, and the side of the wall was covered with green creeper plants.

A few vegetable plots were planted in front of the small building, such as vegetables, green beans, green onions, etc. when they were ready to be picked.

It looks like a very laid-back farmyard.

Jia Mu was born with a golden spoon in her mouth. Perhaps, she would like the quiet life in the country.

A dark-skinned young man of about 234 years old walked out of the house and saw Fang Shaohua. He said unhappily, "Who are you? How come into the yard!"

"Jia Mu live here. I am her husband, who are you?" Fang Shaohua stated his identity.

The young man Lin Haisheng looked at Fang Shaohua, only to see that his features were handsome and energetic, and his gestures were elegant.

At first glance, they are highly educated and cultural members, not in the pool.

Not a country guy like him can compare.

A touch of sadness filled Lin Haisheng's eyes, but he immediately said angrily, "Where is Jiamu's husband, isn't she divorced?"

Fang Shaohua was also looking at Lin Haisheng, with a pair of flip flops on his feet, a gray vest and big pants on his upper body, in a very casual fashion.

Judging from the cocoon on the opponent's hand, judging by the degree of skin tanning, he often works hard.

Originally, he was jealous about the appearance of a man in Jia Mu's house.

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