Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 869

Chapter 869: Finale 2

But compared to himself, this man lost both in appearance and manner.

Moreover, with his shrewdness, he did not ignore the sad emotions that flashed in the opponent's eyes when he heard that he was Jiamu's husband.

The side also shows that there should be nothing to do with Jia Mu.

Sun Jiamu's crisp voice came out from the living room, "Is Sister Meng back?"

As soon as the voice fell, Jia Mu stepped out of the living room door with a big belly. She looked at Fang Shaohua and Qingjun's figure in the yard with great surprise.

In the sun, his white shirt and navy blue suit trousers, very short hair, fair skin, and clear eyes, looked like a high-end intellectual.

He has lost a lot of weight, and there seems to be a touch of melancholy in Qi Ming's pupils.

It was still the same as when she first saw it, which made her heart touched and broken.

She moved to this small hospital for nine months, and she has been pregnant for ten months.

When she first moved in, she lived a light country life every day, but within a few days, she found that she always wanted to vomit, and she was sick to eat a little porridge.

After all, it's not a kid anymore, and her month has expired.

I went to the nearby township hospital for a check, but I didn't expect that I was pregnant!

She was a little confused and helpless at first.

After all, she only gave Fang Shaohua the signed divorce agreement at that time. He didn't love herself and hated his entanglement with him.

Perhaps he is happy to be relieved.

Although she told herself to forget Fang Shaohua, she wanted to bless him.

However, his figure still took root in her heart.

The more she tried to hide, the more she couldn't forget him.

The arrival of the baby made her very happy.

She likes to have a child like Fang Shaohua.

However, after the divorce, she did not intend to tell him her whereabouts. He didn't intend to let him know the existence of the child.

She was also afraid that her parents would object to her leaving the baby after the divorce.

Therefore, in addition to keeping in touch with her parents regularly, so that they don't worry, she lives in the country silently.

However, she did not wrong herself. She found a 40-year-old woman Meng's wife as a nanny to take care of her daily life. She also gave the nanny the contact information of her parents. In case of emergency, she can contact her. family.

With the arrival of the due date, she really can no longer hide her from her family, so yesterday she told her parents the exact address.

Unexpectedly, when his parents did not come, Fang Shaohua arrived.

Fang Shaohua looked at Sun Jiamu's beautiful face, and his eyes fell on her high erect belly. His entire handsome face was full of surprise and shock.

She...she actually got pregnant!

Moreover, looking at the belly so big, it seems to be about to give birth!

Fang Shaohuas shocked eyes instantly filled Lin Haisheng, who shot aside with killing intent, "What is your relationship with Jia Mu!"

The fists clenched and clenched, as if they would tear the opponent alive in the next instant.

Although Lin Haisheng was a little afraid of his murderous gaze, he was very angry that Fang Shaohua hadn't appeared for so long, and said stiffly, "You are just Jia Mu's ex-husband, can you control it!"

"You're looking for death!" Fang Shaohua thought that the child in Jia Mu's belly might be the young man in front of him. He lost his senses and rushed over to beat Lin Haisheng.

Sun Jiamu heard Xinxin say that Fang Shaohua used to fight boxing on the black market to earn extra money, and often win boxing championships. Lin Haisheng is an honest person and definitely can't beat him.

She quickly stood in front of Lin Haisheng, "Fang Shaohua, what do you want to do!"