Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 870

Chapter 870: Finale 3

"Don't block it!" Fang Shaohua couldn't wait to tear up the man who appeared in Jia Mu's house.

"Get out of here!" Sun Jiamu roared angrily.

Lin Haisheng hurriedly said with concern, "Jia Mu, don't get angry. If you have a fetal gas, it will be bad."

Fang Shaohua listened, and quickly calmed down his anger, "Jia Mu, you can go into the house and sit for a while. I will help you."

He walked up to her and held her back.

Sun Jiamu gave him a sideways look, "Aren't you going to beat someone in my house?"

"Don't dare."

She glanced at him, "Will you dare?"

"My wife's orders are imperial decree." Fang Shaohua stared at her affectionately.

Sun Jiamu was hot with his burning eyes, "Who is your wife!"

"You," he said, "I didn't sign the divorce agreement you put on the dining table in the living room at home. So, legally, you are my rightful wife."

"You didn't sign it?" She thought that he would be happy to be relieved.

"Don't sign for death." Fang Shaohua shook his head.

"But the woman you love is obviously..." She reminded him, and he took her words, "I love you."

When she heard the words, she was stunned.

Looking at his handsome eyebrows and the sincere gaze in his dark eyes, there is no trace of lying.

He seems...serious?

Moreover, with his heart, if he doesn't love her, he doesn't bother to lie to her.

"You...you say it again?" Sun Jiamu's voice trembled.

"Jia Mu, the woman I love is you." His clear eyes were full of seriousness, "I am only affection for Xinxin. It is ridiculous that I, because I never understand feelings, mistaken dependence and affection for love. You Forgive me, okay?"

Sun Jiamu was moved to tears, and the crystal tears rolled down her white cheeks to the ground.

Fang Shaohua hugged her tightly into his arms, and was afraid of squeezing her belly, so he dared to hug her shoulders, "Wife, I'm sorry. Don't be angry with me, come home with me, okay?"

Sun Jiamu leaned his headrest on his sturdy shoulder and choked in breath.

Seeing this, Lin Haisheng knew that there was no room for him to intervene.

Since Jiamu came to the village, he has liked her.

Unfortunately, she clearly stated that she is a person with a husband, and the two are separated and will not like other men.

According to her beauty, other guys in the village also took a fancy to her.

But when she heard that she was already famous, she stopped thinking.

Originally, he shouldn't play her idea, but, seeing her almost the entire pregnancy, her so-called husband did not appear.

He accidentally thought that Jia Mu is single and he is willing to take care of her for a lifetime, including raising the child in her stomach.

Therefore, these days, he often comes to the door to care and do something within his power.

It is a pity that she still maintains a polite long distance from him.

Haisheng said silently, "Jia Mu is a good woman, take good care of her in the future." Then he left the yard.

Sun Jiamu looked at Lin Haisheng's back and said, "Brother Haisheng, thank you for your care these days."

Lin Haisheng waved his hand, indicating that he didn't care, that he had gone away.

Fang Shaohua looked at the direction he was leaving and asked his wife in his arms, "Wife, you haven't told me, who is he?"

"Lin Haisheng, the owner of the small shop at the foot of the mountain. He is interesting to me, but I have always kept a distance from him." Jia Mu sighed, "He is a good man. I lived in the village for nine months and he has been taking care of him. I."