Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 871

Chapter 871: Finale 4

That man has no purpose, a good man. Fang Shaohua snorted in his heart, but said, "Well, thank him very much."

"Just now, he sent some wild fish that he caught in the river." She said, "After a while, I'll let her cook when Sister Meng comes back."

"Okay." He lowered his head, his eyes fell on her bulging belly, "Wife, you are pregnant with my baby, don't you tell me?"

There was a hint of grievance in the voice.

Sun Jiamu gave him a sideways glance, "Who makes you always dislike me and make me misunderstand, you like Xinxin..."

But he heard another meaning, "You don't deny that the child is mine, that means the baby is really mine!"

Sun Jiamu was angry, and shouted, "Fang Shaohua, what do you mean! The old lady grew up so old, and was only a man with you, the child is not yours, who else can it be!"

Fang Shaohua was happy in his heart, but his face was startled, "My wife is so beautiful, I'm afraid you will be prying the foot of the wall if you leave for so long."

"Tuck, you know." Sun Jiamu lost his anger when he heard him praise her beauty, and then looked at him suspiciously, "How do you know that I am here? My parents told you?"

He nodded.

"Sure enough, I knew it. As soon as I told my parents where I was, they would tell you." Because of these few months, Fang Shaohua often visited them. When her parents called her, they said that Shaohua was a good son-in-law and asked her to forgive him.

"Wife, your punishment to me is too heavy." Fang Shaohua red eyes, he raised his hand and gently stroked her round belly, "You know what? After you left, I looked for you all over the world. , I was going crazy looking for it. Then I couldnt help it, I just pestered your parents every day. They also said that they didnt know where you were, but they always reported safety. I believe that you will always tell them the specific address. So, In the past few months, for a lot of time, I lived in your parents house to help you take care of your second and old elders. Your father was sick in the hospital some time ago."

"Why didn't he tell me!" Sun Jiamu was anxious, "Is my dad all right now?"

"He was afraid that you were worried, so I didn't say it. He was already healed. I was with him in the hospital for two days. I will tell you more slowly." He carefully helped her into the living room of the small building. Inside, let her sit down on the sofa.

After hearing what he said about her family, she was moved and thanked, "Thank you. I am too capricious. My parents are here and I will not go far. I should be with my parents at home."

"We are a husband and wife, and we should do your filial piety on your behalf. It's still too late to go home now." He looked at her distressedly, "Why, you are pregnant, don't even your parents say?"

"I don't know that you didn't sign the divorce agreement. At first, I was afraid that they would not agree to my divorce and still have children. Later, seeing their attitude towards you softened, I mind that the woman in your heart is not me..."

He sat next to her and embraced her body that had been fattened a few times due to pregnancy, "Sorry, everything is my fault."

Although God treated him kindly, let him sit in unjust prison for three years.

But God made up for him, and gave him such a good wife. And the child who is about to be born...

Fang Shaohua should also be satisfied.

Sun Jiamu wanted to drink water, Fang Shaohua quickly followed the direction she pointed, went to the kitchen, and poured her a glass.

After drinking a few sips, she asked softly, "How is Xinxin now?"