Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 873

Chapter 873: Finale 6

"My stomach hurts so much, I seem to be about to give birth!" Sun Jiamu's face was pale as paper.

Fang Shaohua helped her get into the back seat of the car, ran into the cab and drove quickly, and hurried to the nearest hospital, "My wife, don't be afraid, I will be with you..."

"My stomach hurts so much, husband..." Sun Jiamu felt that with Shaohua, she became squeamish.

However, the stomach is really painful.

"Yin Ren, I'll be in the hospital soon..." Fang Shaohua kept comforting her.

Although there are not many cars on the village roads in the country, he still dare not drive too fast for safety reasons because of the unfamiliar road conditions.

Twenty minutes later, at the nearest town hospital, Fang Shaohua completed the admission procedures and waited anxiously for his wife to give birth outside the delivery room.

He called his adoptive father Long Xuan. Informed Jiamu about the production.

Long Xuan was in a coma from a vegetative state and woke up. After months of rehabilitation, he was able to walk on crutches.

He asked his adoptive father to rest at home, and Long Xuan asked him for the address of the hospital, saying that he was going to visit his daughter-in-law soon.

After hanging up the phone, he pressed Fang Xinxin's mobile phone number and hesitated whether to dial out.

Such a big happy event, he should tell her the first time.

But... when I think of Xinxin's fertility difficulties, and that she is about to become a father, maybe Xinxin will be lost?

If you don't say it, your sister will be hammered to death.

He still mustered the courage to get through her phone.

"Brother, have you found Jiamu? Have you gotten well with her? No matter what method you use, you must coax your sister-in-law back, and cherish her, know if you don't!" Fang Xinxin came on the other end of the phone. Sweet voice.

Fang Shaohua felt her deep care and knew that she really regarded herself as her own brother, "I and Jiamu are already married. Xinxin, brother wants to tell you a good news. When your sister-in-law separated from me earlier , She is already pregnant, she is about to give birth now and is giving birth in the hospital."

"What!" Fang Xinxin's voice was full of surprise, followed by a burst of joy, "That's great! I'm going to be an aunt soon! Where are you, send the location, and I will fly over!"

After the call, Fang Shaohua sent her a location on WeChat.

He thought Xinxin would be lost, but unexpectedly, she didn't have it at all, but was happy for him.

His heart was extremely moved.

An hour later, Fang Xinxin took Bai Qinghao, Long Xuan, and Long Jingyuan hurriedly out of the elevator door of the hospital and walked towards Fang Shaohua.

Behind the four of them, there is also a team of bodyguards with guns.

Fang Shaohua didn't expect that Bai Qinghao and Long Jingyuan, the old chairman of the Long Family, would be here.

After all, although he is the adopted son of Long Jingyuan's third son, Long Xuan.

However, Long Xuan had been away from home for more than 20 years, and Long Jingyuan had never seen him as an foster grandson before he recognized Xinxin.

Long Jingyuan also said that Long Xuan's private property will not interfere in the future distribution of the inheritance. However, the century-old foundation of the Long Family has no inheritance rights since Long Xuan left the Long Family.

Long Xuan could not inherit, so Fang Shaohua, who was the adopted son of Long Xuan, would not inherit the Long Family's foundation.

Long Jingyuan alone has the final say on the Long Family's property.

The old man is very particular about blood. Therefore, Long Jingyuan has already stated that the long family's century-old heritage will skip his son Long Xuan and be inherited by Fang Xinxin alone.

Long Xuan didn't say anything in the Long Family anyway, his father's idea naturally didn't matter.