Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 875

Chapter 875: Finale 8

At dinner, everyone eats takeaway.

Fang Shaohua is extremely grateful for everyone's waiting.

Sun Jiamu's parents were also notified and rushed.

After another five hours, a loud cry of baby came from the delivery room.

The nurse came out of the delivery room with a swaddled baby, "Are they all family members of the child?"

There is only Sun Jiamu today in the rural hospital.

"I am the child's father!" Fang Shaohua hurriedly stepped forward.

"I am the child's aunt!" Fang Xinxin also hurriedly walked over.

"I am the child's grandfather and grandpa..." Several elders stepped forward one after another.

The nurse selectively put the child in the arms of his father Fang Shaohua, "Congratulations, it's a daughter."

"Hello, daughter. Daughter is Dad's intimate little padded jacket." Fang Shaohua held the baby in her arms and looked at her red and tender face. It looked very cute.

His eyes could not help but become a little moist.

Unexpectedly, he has a daughter, his biological daughter!

Lifting her head, she looked at Fang Xinxin moved, "Sister, thank you, if it weren't for you to help me clean up my wrongdoing, I wouldn't be today."

"Brother and sister, I should." Fang Xinxin took the little baby in his arms and held it carefully, "What's the name of the little guy?"

After giving birth, Sun Jiamu was lying on the hospital bed and was pushed out of the delivery room by the nurse and pushed to the single room.

When passing the corridor, Sun Jiamu lay on the ward and saw Fang Xinxin, and she burst into tears, "Xinxin, my daughter will be called Aixin, Fang Aixin."

Without Xinxin, she would be sent to **** by the scumbag Feng Dongkai, and Shaohua would always be in prison.

Therefore, nothing can express the gratitude of their husband and wife Xinxin.

"Shaohua, our daughter is Aixin, okay?" Sun Jiamu asked Fang Shaohua.

"Good." Fang Shaohua nodded solemnly.

Fang Xinxin smiled and kissed Xiao Aixin on the cheek, "Okay, from now on, the baby will be called Xiao Aixin."

"Everyone is here..." Sun Jiamu looked around gratefully. She was so exhausted from labor, she fell asleep drowsy.

Fang Shaohua helped the nurse and pushed his wife to rest in the single ward.

In the evening, the elders opened a room to sleep in a nearby hotel.

The husband and wife Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao were also resting in the hotel.

Fang Shaohua guarded Sun Jiamu and his new-born daughter in the ward.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Sun Jiamu woke up, and she only moved. Fang Shaohua originally leaned on a chair and took a nap, and immediately opened his eyes in shock, "My wife, you are awake, hungry. Eat something, the doctor said. Now, you want to eat lighter food. The nanny you hired Mrs. Meng made meat porridge."

She sat up, "Where is the baby?"

Fang Shaohua pointed to the stroller beside the hospital bed and whispered, "She is asleep."

When she was in the ward, she heard the doctor say she was a daughter. Looking at the tender face of her baby girl, her eyes were full of maternal love.

Fang Shaohua fed her a bowl of porridge spoon by spoon.

She looked at his handsome face moved, "Husband, I didn't expect you to be considerate, so good."

He put the bowl on the bedside table, raised his hand and stroked her hair, "You are my wife, and you should be nice to you."

A joyful smile appeared on her face. Like to hear him say that she is his wife.

Picking up the phone, she posted on WeChat.

"The mobile phone has radiation. I just finished producing it, isn't it good to play with the mobile phone?" Fang Shaohua frowned.

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