Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 876

Chapter 876: Finale 9

"I want to read Xinxin's message." Sun Jiamu logged in to the WeChat and email addresses that he used before.

I saw Xinxin's message a few months ago, saying that Shaohua just regarded her as her younger sister and that she really loved her, Sun Jiamu.

Seeing Xinxin saying that Shaohua was looking for her like crazy, she never gave up for nine or ten months.

Xinxin also said happily that Qi and Bai Qinghao had returned intact. I asked her if she knew, would she be happy?

Sun Jiamu asked Fang Shaohua in surprise, "Did Xinxin and Bai Qinghao disappear before?"

"Yes. After a few months, the Bai and Long families sent countless people out to look for it." Fang Shaohua was puzzled, "You don't know."

Sun Jiamu shook his head, "I don't know about this in the news."

"The Bai family and the Long family have suppressed this matter so that their competitors will not make a fuss about this matter. It is just that the two families are constantly searching for people. Fortunately, the two have returned safely."

"Oh my God!" Sun Jiamu wept uncomfortably, "I live in the country, and I never dared to open my old mailbox and other contact information. I mistakenly thought that the person in your heart was Xinxin. I think I am with you and face her facelessly. I dont even know about Xinxins disappearance. Damn it!"

"It's okay, fortunately you didn't know it." Fang Shaohua looked sideways at the sleeping baby, "Otherwise, you are pregnant, and you have to worry about Xinxin's safety, which is not good for the fetus."

"Why did she disappear?"

There is a hint of worry in Fang Shaohua's eyes, "It was Xiang Feili, the leader of the **** alliance, an international dark organization, who sent people to chase her and Bai Qinghao. Fortunately, Bai Qinghao has sent people to destroy the **** alliance's nest. Xiang. Philip is now avoiding Bai Qinghao's men, and no one is there."

Jia Mu asked worriedly, "Then, are Xinxin and Bai Qinghao in danger?"

"Yes. We can't help with this matter." Fang Shaohua's eyes flashed with worry, "Xin Xin said that Bai Qinghao will take care of this. Let us not worry about it. Xiang Feili can't protect herself now. If you kill her, the crisis will Lifted."

The couple are very worried.

Sun Jiamu called Fang Xinxin, first apologized in regret, and now he knows that his friend has been missing for so long. But she felt sorry for herself in the country.

The friend didn't care at all, saying that it was not her fault, but the eldest brother Shaohua was wrong. She also told her not to worry and let her live with Fang Shaohua.

After hanging up the phone, she took the initiative to grasp Fang Shaohua's big palm, "Husband, let's live a good life in the future as Xinxin said. Don't worry about her anymore."

"Yeah." Fang Shaohua held her little hand back and stared at her firmly and softly, "My wife, I will do my best to be a husband and father. Our family will be happy."

"Yeah." She nodded solemnly.

Can marry him, and have a lovely baby with him, and a good friend like Xinxin. It was God's kindness to her, she was satisfied.

After that, Fang Shaohua, Sun Jiamu, and baby Aixin have been living happily together. Of course, that's a story.


At this time, Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao were in a room on the third floor of the hotel next to the hospital.

Fang Xinxin took out her phone and looked at the photos of Xiao Aixin in the album, and couldn't help but praise, "Little Aixin is so cute."

Bai Qinghao originally wanted to say, if we like it, we also have one.

Thinking of his wifes difficulties in childbirth, perhaps, he and her will never have a baby of their own.