Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 878

Chapter 878: Finale 11

The servant offered a few cups of hot tea, and stood by.

Bai Chongshan picked up a cup of tea, took a sip, and said to the servant next to him, "Get out."

"Yes." The servant took the order to leave.

The living room became very quiet for a while.

Fang Xinxin knew that the old lady had something to say, nothing more than about her fertility difficulties, so she quietly waited for him to speak.

Two minutes later, Ye Yunzhi glanced at her father-in-law Bai Chongshan who seemed embarrassed to speak, and said, "Dad, or I will talk to Xinxin."

"It's okay, let me tell you." Bai Chongshan looked at Fang Xinxin with shrewd old eyes, "Girl, grandpa is really 10,000 satisfied with you."

"Thank you, grandpa." Xinxin thanked her sweetly.

"Hey...family, don't be so polite." Bai Chongshan waved his hand and said with a sigh, "Xinxin, as you know, grandpa is old and the loess is buried in his neck. The only wish is that I want to hug my great-grandson. But your belly is really disappointing."

Fang Xinxin was helpless, "I let Grandpa down."

"Grandpa knows that your relationship with the young couple Qinghao is very good. However, the integrity of a family requires children. The inheritance of a person requires blood." Bai Chongshan's complexion also particularly deplores, "It's not that grandpa is impatient, although you are only You have been married for one year, but you and Qinghao have lived together for so long before marriage, and have been together for more than three years. I am afraid that you and Qinghao will not be able to have their own children."

Fang Xinxin didn't want to turn around and wipe her feet, and asked frankly, "Then, grandpa, what do you mean?"

"You and Qinghao are a good match, and they can't be separated." Bai Chongshan said, "but Baibai's family can't have no queen..."

Seemingly unable to continue, he paused.

Fang Xinxin waited patiently.

Bai Chongshan picked up the tea cup, took another sip of tea, and then continued, "In the first two months, your elder aunt Huang Zhishu said, let an outside woman give Qinghao a baby, and then the child will be raised under your lap. This idea, It seems pretty good."

Fang Xinxin lowered her eyebrows coldly.

Ye Yunzhi hurriedly added, "Don't worry, when the woman outside has finished giving birth, let her leave her hometown and never show up again. It won't affect your Madam Bai's status."

Fang Xinxin smiled, not reaching the bottom of his eyes, "Do you think, in my status, I would care about Madam Bai's title?"

"Mom knows you don't care." Ye Yunzhi looked helpless, "but, apart from this, there is really no other way..."

"Didn't Bai Qinghao say it?" Fang Xinxin expressionlessly, "If I can't give birth to him, I will adopt one."

"Naughty!" Bai Chongshan reprimanded, "After all, it is not from the Bai family. Huang Zhishu, mother and son, are both an eye-catching sight now. I would never agree to adoption!"

Fang Xinxin glanced at the two indifferently, "Since you have made up your mind to find another woman for Bai Qinghao, why are you looking for me?"

She doesn't care what the white parents do.

After the most chilled heart, I didn't interact with them.

Anyway, she has confidence in Bai Qinghao, he will not touch the women outside.

Ye Yunzhi said earnestly, "Your grandfather, and your dad, I respect you. Although I had this idea two months ago, but there has been no action, nor did I give Qinghaosai a woman."

"Yes." Fang Xinxin smiled, "So, today, I will call you mom." He looked at Bai Chongshan, "Call you grandpa."