Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 879

Chapter 879: Finale 12

"If you are really looking for a woman to send it to Bai Qinghao, don't blame me for not being with you all the time."

There is no threat in her words, even with a smile.

Bai Chongshan and Ye Yunzhi knew that she was absolutely serious.

"Qinghao is infatuated with you. I wanted to tell you the truth and ask you to persuade him to give birth to another one." Ye Yunzhi shook her head, "It seems that you are not willing to help."

Fang Xinxin smiled sarcastically, "Mother-in-law, if you couldn't give birth back then, would you persuade your husband to find another woman to give birth?"

"I..." She was absolutely unwilling. How could one's own husband give it to another woman! Ye Yunzhi was speechless when she asked.

"Looking at your look, you just refuse." Fang Xinxin said coldly, "Don't do to others what you don't want. I don't need me to teach you this simple truth."

"Xinxin, she is your mother-in-law, how can you talk to your elders like this!" The old grandfather Bai Chongshan's voice was a bit heavy.

Before Fang Xinxin could speak, a very cold young male voice came from outside the living room, "Do you look like an elder!"

The three of them looked at the door, Bai Qinghao's tall and stalwart figure walked into the living room, and it was him who spoke.

With his arrival, the temperature in the entire living room seemed to drop by several degrees, and an invisible coercion radiated from him.

Bai Chongshan and Ye Yunzhi were like children who did wrong, and they didn't dare to speak.

They only came here when they learned that Qinghao had gone to the company. Why is he back again?

Fang Xinxin got up from the sofa and walked towards Bai Qinghao, "Didn't you go to the company?"

Bai Qinghaosen's cold eyes swept across Bai Chongshan and Ye Yunzhi, and the latter two suddenly felt a chill rise from the soles of their feet, sitting like pins and needles.

"The elders made mistakes that shouldn't have been made, of course I have to deal with it." Bai Qinghao raised his big hand and stroked Xinxin's hair pityingly.

Hearing what he meant, he had obviously heard the conversation of the previous three.

"What do you mean by making mistakes that shouldn't be made?" Bai Chongshan became angry, "I didn't want to have a queen for the Bai family."

"The Bai family has strict rules and has never liked messy feelings." Bai Qinghao narrowed his eyes. "Grandpa, you didn't say that. For the Bai family, it is a shame to be with another woman during marriage. How can you give me another idea of stuffing a woman? Of course, this is just what you think about."

He pushed a strand of Fang Xinxin's hair hanging on his chest behind her ears, "I said, except Xinxin, I will not touch any woman."

"You..." Bai Chongshan stood up in an aura, "I don't want this either. But the future of the Bai family can't be without an heir!"

"Then I might as well tell you frankly." Bai Qinghao's stern face didn't have any extra expressions, "Except for Fang Xinxin, I have never had that impulse for the second woman. And I feel like touching other women, Just thinking about it makes me sick."

"Impossible..." Bai Chongshan said so, but he also knew that Qing Hao had never seen other women ever since he was a child.

"This is the truth." Bai Qinghao hugged Fang Xinxin into his arms, walked to the sofa, and sat down with her around her.

Another gesture was made to the grandfather Bai Chongshan, "Grandpa, sit down."

After seeing him sitting down, he said to Ye Yunzhi, "Mother, and you. I have something to talk to you."