Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 881

Chapter 881: Finale 14

Glancing at Fang Xinxin with admiration, he said, "That picture of Guan Jiping was taken in the courtyard of the Longs villa. More than twenty years ago, Guan Jiping was a servant of the Longs house, and he won your grandfather Long Jing. Yuans liking. But later he told the Long family that he wanted to start his own business, so he resigned and didnt do it. At first, Chairman Long Jingyuan gave him a sum of money to be used as venture capital. However, after he left the Long family , Never contacted the Long family."

Bai Qinghao looked at the first photo and then looked at the second one.

In the photo, Guan Jiping, in his twenties, was embracing and posing with a girl of the same age.

The girl has thick braids, clean brows, and a beautiful face very familiar.

Bai Qinghao recognized at first glance, "The woman in the photo is...Huang Zhishu?"

Fang Xinxin took a closer look, although Huang Zhishu has always dressed up with grace and nobility, basically with her hair crossed.

But the girl in the photo with Guan Jiping really looked like Huang Zhishu when she was young.

She glanced at Bai Qinghao, "Husband, it's really your big aunt Huang Zhishu. It seems that Guan Jiping has a very close relationship with your big aunt."

Bai Qinghao's eyes sank slightly.

Liu Li went on to report, "Guan Jiping was doing other odd jobs a few years ago, and in recent years he was doing express delivery. Now several friends around him say that he is from Anfen. From the perspective of recent years, it is impossible to find out. Any clues. I went to Guan Jipings home and visited almost everyone who knew him. Finally it was found that he used to be a servant in the Longs family, and he learned from a relative in his home that he worked in the Longs family. When I was a maid, I had a relationship with a woman and said that she would marry that woman. These two photos were sent by Guan Jiping to his parents. Later, somehow, not only did he not get married, but also left. Longs home. After Guan Jipings parents passed away, he basically didnt return to his hometown. These two photos were taken from an iron box under the bed in the room where his parents lived in his old house."

Bai Qinghao frowned, and said coldly, "What about Huang Zhishu?"

"Huang Zhishu was from a poor family. Her old neighbors all said she was a good woman, but that year, after she failed the college entrance examination, she disappeared for three years. Some people say that she eloped with a wild man. But three years later When Huang Zhishu returned to the Huang family, she told her neighbors that she had just gone out to work, and that she was a Huanghua girl and had never been in a relationship. Since the Huang family has always been a person, no one said bad things about her. But soon after, She brought back the BOSS, your uncle Bai Jin to see him, and then she married into the Bai family."

After Liu Li finished speaking, he said, "The subordinates also inquired from Qian Jun, the driver of your uncle's life. Actually, before your uncle Bai Jin got married, he had a girlfriend named Hu Lewei. The two loved each other very much. Its just that Bai Jin doesnt do business and likes clubbing. Once, he was drunk and fell injured. Huang Zhishu helped him to the hospital and took good care of him. After two visits, the two became familiar. Huang Zhishu often went to the hospital. As volunteers in the orphanage, sometimes Bai Jin accompanied him. The two of them had a lot of contact with a group of children. They liked a little boy Huanhuan in the orphanage and a little girl Xixi. Qian Yang said that he was just a driver. The specific situation is not particularly well understood."