Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 883

Chapter 883: Finale 16

"Xiang Feili was chased and killed by my people and rushed to Tibet. It is hard to protect him." Bai Qinghao said disapprovingly. "In the beginning, she sent someone to assassinate me in the dark. I didn't know it was her. She has surfaced. With my strength, it is not difficult to get rid of her."

"Hmm." She nodded slightly. "You still have to be careful."

"Don't worry." He reached out and stroked her back, "I will never put you in danger again."

As for the others, even if Xiang Feili caught him, he couldn't threaten him.

On the side of the Bai family's generation, he also sent people to step up their vigilance.


In the old house of the Bai family, the bodyguard Liu Li led a group of people into the meditation house behind the main building of the old house.

In the living room, Huang Zhishu and Bai Chenxi, who seemed to be discussing matters, immediately stood up.

"Liu Li, what do you mean!" Bai Chenxi shouted, "This is Jingxinju, the residence assigned by the Bai family to my mother and me. Even if you are Bai Qinghao's confidant, I am the Bai family anyhow, you can't be mad. Trespass!"

Liu Li ignored him with a look.

Four bodyguards in black suits stepped forward to clasp Bai Chenxi and Huang Zhishu's arms.

A woman dressed as a nurse carried the medicine box, took out the syringe, walked to Bai Chenxi, and lifted his sleeve.

Bai Chenxi seemed to have expected something, and shouted palely, "What are you doing!"

Struggling desperately, the nurse couldn't get hold of the syringe.

The two bodyguards cut his arms back behind him, forced him to lower his body, and pressed his head on the coffee table, Bai Chenxi could not move suddenly.

Because it is not convenient to draw blood in this position, the nurse lifted his sleeves without using a syringe. She cut through the skin on his wrist with a scalpel and took a little blood.

"What the **** are you doing!" Bai Chenxi shouted in horror.

The nurse did not answer, and walked to Huang Zhishu again with the syringe.

Zhishu's charming face was so horrified that there were two more wrinkles, "I am the half master of the Bai family anyway, you are like this, are you afraid that I will file a lawsuit with the old man and kill you?"

"Who are you scaring." Liu Li didn't buy it. "The boss has always had the final say about the Bai family, and the old lady can't control it. Don't say slaughter me, you should worry about yourself."

Huang Zhishu knew that resistance was useless, so she obediently asked the nurse to draw a tube of blood.

She trembled and asked, "Bodyguard Liu, what do you do with Chenxi and me? Is it...do you want to check your body?"

"It's beautiful to think about." Liu Li sneered, "You know what it is!"

He wouldn't give this old woman a slogan.

Huang Zhishu's face was as pale as paper. Could it be that Chenxi's life experience was discovered?

And Jingrou... She was blind and paralyzed, in prison...

If Chenxi and Jingrou's life experience are revealed, her family of three will be over!

Can't afford to take this risk, Huang Zhishu planned to wait for Liu Li to leave and immediately escape with Chenxi.

Liu Li looked at the old woman's face and the gloomy eyes flashing, he must be making ghosts, "Want to run? No chance. The BOSS asked you to tie you to Bai Chenxi, lock it up, and take care of it!"

The blood on Bai Chenxi's face was suddenly lost, and the whole person trembled.

Huang Zhishu was trembling with horror and couldn't stand steady.

The two were taken to the confinement room of the Bai family...

The old lady Bai learned the news of the two being imprisoned from the demographic, and immediately called to ask what happened to Bai Qinghao.

Bai Qinghao only said that he would give him an explanation and let him not interfere.