Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 884

Chapter 884: Finale 17

Two days later, the lobby of the main building of the old house of the Bai family.

The grandfather Bai Chongshan sits on a high-end mahogany sofa, while his second son Bai Hong and his second daughter-in-law Ye Yunzhi are standing by.

His eldest daughter-in-law Huang Zhishu and her daughter-in-law Bai Chenxi were tied and kneeled in front of Bai Chongshan.

Several bodyguards in black suits stood blankly and waited.

Bai Chongshan looked at the door from time to time, "Qinghao let us come together..." He glanced at Huang Zhishu and Bai Chenxi, "Also let them kneel, I don't know why..."

"Dad, please let me and Chenxi go." Huang Zhishu tearfully said, "I don't know where to offend Qinghao, he even tied me, the big aunt. You know, I always keep myself safe. , Never mess up..."

Talking nonsense with her eyes open, at this moment, she only hopes that the old thing will feel soft and let her and Chenxi run away before Bai Qinghao arrives.

The grandfather Bai Chongshan is a shrewd master, "I guess it's not something you can't offend him. It's a very serious matter. We will talk about everything when he comes."

"Grandpa, you let me go first." Bai Chenxi pleaded with a pale face, "Although I was adopted, I am also your grandson after all."

"Okay!" The old lady frowned, feeling incredible, "Usually you were afraid of Qinghao, so you didn't get to this place. What's wrong?"

Bai Chenxi said without giving up, "Grandpa, you let me go first."

Grandpa Bai glanced at Liu Li and the group of bodyguards, "They only listen to Yu Qinghao, and I don't count it."

Bai Qinghao's tall figure and Fang Xinxin's slender figure entered the hall simultaneously.

"Are you all here?" Bai Qinghao glanced lightly at the people present.

As his cold eyes passed, it seemed that the temperature in the entire hall had suddenly dropped, and everyone present felt a strong pressure, and their hearts trembled.

The mother and son Huang Zhishu, who had been begging for mercy, saw him for a while, and instantly shut their mouths.

"Qinghao, what happened?" The old lady Bai Chongshan asked with a frowning brow.

Bai Qinghao cast a wink at the bodyguard Liu Li, and the other party knowingly recounted what they had previously found about Guan Jiping and Huang Zhishu, Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou.

The old lady listened, her face was calm and she hadn't spoken yet.

Huang Zhishu said angrily, "What can you prove if you found this? Didn't it work if I met Guan Jiping more than 20 years ago!"

At this time, a look is not very good. Because of the long-term sun, the dark-skinned middle-aged man was **** and pushed into the living room by a bodyguard.

Huang Zhishu and Bai Chenxi looked closely, the middle-aged man turned out to be Guan Jiping!

Bai Qinghao said coldly, "Guan Jiping, you told Huang Zhishu that you and her only knew each other more than 20 years ago?"

Guan Jiping was escorted to his knees by bodyguards, kneeling in a row with Huang Zhishu's mother and son in front of Mrs. He was sweating coldly, but lowered his head and said, "I really don't know her very well."

"Really." Bai Qinghao's stern face didn't have any extra expressions, "Your family is very united."

Liu Li reported again, "Old lady, his subordinates have found out that before Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou were adopted more than 20 years ago, they were not orphans at all. Instead, Huang Zhishu used money to buy out the director of the orphanage. They will be fostered there temporarily. Huang Zhishu will then deliberately take your eldest son Bai Jin to the orphanage to volunteer, so that Bai Jin has a good impression of these two children. It will pave the way for them to be adopted into Bai's house in the future."