Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 886

Chapter 886: Finale 19

Later, he saw her and her two children live a splendid, glorious life.

I feel more and more that her decision is right.

At first, he still felt a little sorry for the Bai family, slowly, human nature was greedy.

He and his two sons and daughters want to occupy all the assets of the Bai family.

So, in the early years, after he met Xiang Feili, he was willing to be her lover, and felt that the woman could give him some help, so he always pleased that woman.

And Xiang Feili did send people to assassinate Bai Qinghao several times at his instigation.

He originally thought that after finishing using Xiang Feili, he would kill her and take her wealth while she was on guard.

Unexpectedly, his identities with Chen Xi and Jing Rou's father and children were revealed!

At this time, Liu Li reported something again, "Old lady, his subordinates have found Bai Jins ex-girlfriend Hu Lewei. She said that after she was drunk, she had a relationship with another man and was caught by Bai Jin. Actually, At that time, she was drugged. Unfortunately, Bai Jin didn't believe her. Later, she was hit by a falling object and almost died. Although she was lucky enough to save her life, she also hurt her head. Part of the nerves in the body causes hemiplegia on one side of the body and is inflexible."

Ye Yunzhi was shocked at this time, "I was almost hit by the flowerpot that Guan Jiping dropped from a height..." Suddenly, she glared at Guan Jiping, "It must be you, you deliberately wanted to kill Hu Lewei. "

When things reached this point, Guan Jiping knew that it was over, so he didn't hide it, "What about me? Wouldn't she be able to reconcile with Bai Jin at any time without crippling her? That would hinder Zhi Shu's path."

Huang Zhishu was shocked to Guan Jiping, "You are crazy! How can you admit this?"

"Who is Bai Qinghao? With his ruthless means, do you think he will let us do these things?" Guan Jiping smiled wildly, "I didn't expect to calculate for half a lifetime. It's almost gone."

Bai Qinghao gave him an admiring look, his voice was as cold as the death **** of Yan Luo Temple, "You know me very well."

The grandfather Bai Chongshan smiled sadly, and suddenly stern, "Guan Jiping, Huang Zhishu, you are doing everything you can to calculate my son's white promotion and cruelly ruining his girlfriend Hu Lewei. You can hardly die. Come here, you will be Guan Jiping, Huang Zhishu, and Bai. Chenxi was beaten to death by all three of them!"

A few bodyguards stepped forward to execute the order.

When Huang Zhishu and Guan Jiping heard the words, their faces were bloodless, their original kneeling posture fell to the ground.

Bai Chenxi cried bitterly and begged Bai Chongshan for mercy, "Grandpa, let me go. I don't know the conspiracy of my parents. After all, I have been in the Bai family for more than 20 years. I have always regarded you as my grandfather, grandpa. , You let me go!"

Huang Zhishu also begged for mercy, "Dad, I was wrong! You forgive me! Even though I made a big mistake, I gave birth to Chenxi and Jingrou before marrying into Bai's house. That was a pre-marital affair, not a cheating. I don't I should plot the property of the Bai family. I shouldn't teach my children or daughters and be unkind. Dad, since I have been your eldest daughter-in-law for more than 20 years, you spare my life!"

The old lady Bai Chongshan was said to be moved.

After all, they have feelings for Zhishu, Chenxi, and even Jingrou.

But more is hateful!

Guan Jiping also showed a man appearance at this time, "Old Mrs. Bai, I instigated them to do this. If you want to kill, kill me." At this moment, one can live.