Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 91

Chapter 91:

Therefore, she went out to play around and just came back.

I wanted to remove my makeup and sleep, but when I heard the sound of the car's engine, I glanced through the window and found Bai Qinghao.

Fortunately, she hasn't removed her makeup yet, otherwise, to see Bai Qinghao, she would have to put on makeup for an hour or two in order to maintain her delicate makeup.

Now you can see him beautifully without uninstalling.

The moonlight tonight is very good, bright and soft, shining on her, it will definitely make her face more beautiful.

He glanced at Fang Xinxin, who was a few meters away, with disdain, her ugly and fat appearance couldn't even compare with her.

Fang Manxue stood a little to the side so that Bai Qinghao could see her charming S-curved figure better.

After a few seconds of embarrassment, without receiving Bai Qinghao's response, Fang Manxue raised her head and saw that Bai Qinghao's gaze was not looking at herself at all. Following his gaze, he was actually looking at Fang Xinxin!

What's so good about that stupid fat pig!

"Commander, my third sister Xinxin has a lot of weight." Fang Manxue said embarrassingly, "You don't know, at home I use the human body to call her, and it just exploded."

The words are euphemistic, but they really want to remind Bai Qinghao how slim she is and how fat Fang Xinxin is.

Fang Xinxin couldn't hear her, her mouth twitched.

Bai Qinghao nodded expressionlessly, "Well, Fang Xinxin has a better figure than you."

what! Fang Manxue could hardly believe her ears.

Bai Qinghao actually said that Fang Xinxin's super fat body is better than himself?

Did he open his eyes and talk nonsense, or did he have a problem with his eyes!

Man Xue was used to everyone praising her for her figure, especially like others comparing Fang Xinxin with her, and then she loved to listen to the truth that praised her to the sky and stepped on Fang Xinxin on the ground.

How could Bai Qinghao say that Fang Xinxin is better than her?

Fang Xinxin heard Bai Qinghao's words and was very moved.

It turned out that in his heart, no matter how fat she is, she is the most slender!

Fang Manxue froze with Bai Qinghaos smile and froze on her face. She stretched out her arms and raised her sleeves, revealing her white wrists, and sighed deliberately, "Commander, my skin looks whiter than Xinxin, isnt she black? Slippery, you don't think her skin is whiter than mine, do you?"

If he opened his eyes and said nonsense, it would be too fake.

Bai Qinghao's complexion was cold, and he didn't glance at Fang Manxue's deliberately exposed wrists. "Her skin has a good color and is smoother and softer than condensed fat."

If Fang Xinxin stood a few meters away and listened respectfully to his evaluation, he would never be able to talk nonsense with Fang Manxue.

Fang Manxue didn't get angry, Fang Xinxin was happy.

Unexpectedly, her tanned skin looked good in Bai Qinghao's eyes.

Fang Manxue said without giving up, "Do you think the pimples on Xinxin's face look good?"

"Feast for the eyes." Bai Qinghao commented seriously.

Fang Xinxin laughed directly, "Second sister, did you hear that? This is the real beauty in the eyes of the lover, the live version!"

If it wasn't for the second sister who wanted to compare her with a lot of mouths, she didn't know that she, who was fat, black and full of acne, was so good in Bai Qinghao's eyes.

I really like Bai Qinghao more and more.

Fang Manxue almost tilted her mouth in anger, staring at Fang Xinxin, "What are you proud of!"

You and Bai Qinghao cannot be lovers!

But at this, she wouldn't be so stupid as to shout out.

It was obvious that Commander Bai was helping Fang Xinxin, a bitch, and she was now confronting her, didn't she find it boring?

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