Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Second Uncle Also Wants To Enjoy Wine

Fang Manxue has long been accustomed to it, because when she was in the Royal Court before, just entering the master bedroom of the Royal Court, Bai Qinghao actually asked the servant to change the carpet!

Maybe Bai Qinghao asked to change the carpet because she didn't take off her high heels?

She also loves beauty, because women can visually lengthen their legs when wearing high heels. At that time, she also wanted him to see a better side of herself.

Next time you go to Bai Qinghao's bedroom, let's put on slippers.

Long Shuhai's head kept looking outside the villa, and asked Fang Xinxin suspiciously, "Xinxin, why didn't you see your mother? Didn't she pick you up?"

"Yeah, I didn't even think of it. Mom didn't come back with the third sister." Fang Manxue noticed this and cast an ambiguous look at Bai Qinghao, "It's all to blame, the commander, as soon as you show up, people will be caught You drew all your attention."

Bai Qinghao's slender fingers picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea gracefully, as if he hadn't heard Fang Manxue's ambiguous words.

Long Shuhai was a little anxious and asked Fang Xinxin, "Where is your mother?"

Fang Xinxin replied truthfully, "She was appreciated by Commander Bai for a bottle of red wine."

"Thank you, Commander, and Commander." Long Shuhai quickly bowed to Bai Qinghao, "The red wine the commander rewards must be very expensive. I want a bottle. I don't know if I have this opportunity and honor..."

Fang Xinxin's lips twitched, "Second Uncle flattered the horse's ass."

"Dare you say that the commander's **** is a horse butt..."

"I didn't say that, it was your second uncle who deliberately misinterpreted it." Fang Xinxin is not a fool to sow discord.

Seeing that Bai Qinghao didn't say anything to blame Fang Xinxin for being disrespectful, Long Shuhai said politely, "It's the second uncle who is not good. He is old and has no young people in understanding ability. Don't blame the second uncle, Xinxin. I envy your mother for getting a wine award from the commander." I heard that Bai Qinghao has a lot of fine wines in the Imperial Court. The lowest price is also worth more than a hundred thousand bottles, but the expensive ones can be added one or two zero.

Even if the lowest price is one hundred thousand a bottle, even if Long Shuhaigui is the president of the Fang Group, it is rare to drink one or two times.

"You don't have to be polite." Bai Qinghao looked indifferent, this time he was very kind, "If you want to get a wine reward, then go to the hospital with Fang Lilan."

Long Shuhai was taken aback, "She... how could she be in the hospital?"

"Didn't Xinxin tell you just now, she was rewarded with red wine by me."

"Oh, I understand." Long Shuhai nodded, "My sister-in-law Lilan is drunk. She went to the hospital to sober up."

The driver Li Bingpan couldn't stand it anymore, "Your ability to understand... Fang Lilan is the red wine that was rewarded, and even the wine bottle was broken."

Long Shuhai finally understood this time and was shocked, "Commander Bai, did my sister-in-law have offended you in any way? If so, I will make amends on her behalf, and your lord does not count as a villain!"

No matter what the reason, no matter who is right or wrong.

No one dared to confront Bai Qinghao, who was in the capital equivalent to the emperor.

Before the next drink, you have to understand clearly. Almost...to get a headshot.

"My mother is injured!" Fang Manxue also reacted, "Commander, is she okay with my mother?"

Bai Qinghao's slender finger randomly clicked on the armrest of the sofa, without meaning to answer.

"Xinxin, mom is okay?" Fang Manxue glared at Fang Xinxin angrily, "How can you hurt your mother?"