Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Second Uncle Creates Opportunities

"The commander rewards her with wine, she should be sober." Fang Xinxin's face was cold and unwavering.

Long Shuhai was in a hurry and said with a little fear, "Commander, I...I want to go to the hospital to see my sister-in-law. Please forgive me for the poor hospitality."

Fang Manxue originally wanted to go. Looking at Bai Qinghao sitting on the sofa, he sat upright in a military posture, shocking people's hearts.

No matter from which point of view, he is absolutely cold to perfect existence.

Every time she wants to see Bai Qinghao, she has to deal with it. Now, people are in front of her, and she has no reason to give up this opportunity.

Seeing that Man Xuechu hadn't moved, Long Shuhai knew what she was thinking, and said, "Xiaoxue, you can call the commander at home. There is a distinguished guest at home, how can you do without the master." He waved to Fang Xinxin, "Xinxin, Let's go to the hospital to see your mother."

By removing the fat and cheap goods, Man Xue can create a chance to get along with Bai Qinghao alone.

Bai Qinghao thought, if Fang Xinxin went to the hospital, then he would return to the Royal Court.

Without her, he didn't want to stay for a moment.

"I won't go." Fang Xinxin said calmly, "Second sister has always been filial, you let the second sister go with you."

Wouldn't it be that the fat **** and the commander Shan are alone in the Fang family? Not to mention Long Shuhai's refusal, Fang Manxue immediately shook her head, "Sister, my mother always loves you, but you go. I am one year older than you, and I am more experienced than you to entertain the cheese commander."

"You do have'experience' than me." Fang Xinxin emphasized the word experience.

How can Fang Manxue not understand her meaning, "Sanmei, where am I like you? I am not clear with men. I am still a virgin now!"

He blushed embarrassedly.

Bai Qinghao, a man who disdains a woman that others have used, will win him his favor if she seizes the opportunity to express it.

Fang Xinxin only knew that Fang Manxue would occasionally date men who pursued her. As for whether she had **** with other men, it was really unclear.

She didn't want to talk nonsense about things without evidence, but said, "Who I am not sure with, make it clear!"

Fang Manxue spoke reflexively, "Not just Bai Chenxi..."

Bai Qinghao's sharp eyes narrowed, and an extremely oppressive momentum burst out. It seemed that even the air in the hall was frozen, and his lips were condensed. "You know how Fang Lilan got into the hospital? It's planting Fang Xinxin. With Bai Chenxi. Of course, Bai Chenxi also followed him into the hospital."

Fang Manxue's body seemed to be frozen in the cold air, and her legs trembled with horror, "Commander, it was my slip of the tongue, I am not good!"

She didn't want to follow her mother to pay a red wine bottle headshot.

"Man Xue is only too worried about her mother that she said the wrong thing for a while." Long Shuhai hurriedly helped, "Commander, don't blame, don't blame, I am here to apologize to you for her."

He bowed and bowed a dozen times.

The freezing cold air radiating from Bai Qinghao's body seemed to have faded a little.

"Let's go, Xinxin." Long Shuhai didn't care whether Fang Xinxin agreed, and could not help pulling her out, "Let's go to the hospital to see your mother."

"I dont go!"

"You kid, how can you be unfilial?"

"It's okay if Manxue stays. If I don't go, I will be unfilial?"

"This..." Long Shuhai was blocked for a while and couldn't find words to refute.

Bai Qinghao glanced at Long Shuhai's move to pull Fang Xinxin, Leng Sen's eyes were as cold as a sharp blade, and in an instant, Long Shuhai reflexed and loosened Fang Xinxin's wrist.