Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Qinghao Shares A Room With Manxue 1

But just grabbing the fat girls wrist...Long Shuhai didnt know where to provoke the commander. The commanders sharp eyes made him think that his hands had been chopped off, and he still tried his best not to pull the fat girl. .

Seeing Long Shuhai's speech, Fang Manxue hurriedly said, "Sanmei, didn't you tell me, I am one year older than you, and more sensible than you. It is convenient to take care of the cheese commander."

"Speaking of this..." Fang Xinxin curled her lips, "I am Bai Qinghao's fiancee. It is more convenient to take care of him."

Bai Qinghao likes to hear Fang Xinxin admit that she is his fiance. You know, she didn't admit it when she was beaten to death before. He fixed Fang Xinxin's eyes with a gentleness that was hard to detect.

An angry mood surged in Manxue's heart. The commander's fiancee should be her Fang Manxue!

But she couldn't help but insisted, "I want to stay anyway!"

Bai Qinghao spoke with a grim expression, commanding, "Have you heard that Fang Xinxin is unwilling to go? She stays!"

No one dared to protest his words.

Fang Manxue had to take a step back, but it was definitely not cheap. Fang Xinxin said, "Then...I will stay with my third sister." She shouted at Long Shuhai, "Second Uncle, go to the hospital and take care of my mother." "

"Also." Long Shuhai confessed, "The commander will be handed over to you."

Fang Xinxin was so awkward after hearing this sentence, "Second uncle rest assured, my fiance won't bother others."

Fang Man got angry.

Bai Qinghao's lips curled up happily.

At first, he thought that Fang Manxue was annoying. She always confronted Fang Xinxin. Xin Xin had never been jealous for him before and liked it.

As long as Xinxin doesn't suffer, he can open or close one eye.

If his fiancee Xinxin suffers a bit of a loss, then ten Fang Manxue will not be dead enough!

Long Shuhai left the villa yard alone.

Fang Manxue walked to Bai Qinghao's side. She wanted to get closer to him. Two meters away, one of the guards standing next to him stopped her, "Miss Fang Er, our commander does not like unrelated people too close to him. ."

"Why am I an unrelated person, I am him..." Fang Manxue couldn't utter the three words of the sister-in-law, because she would be the commander's wife, "Commander, I want to be closer to you and speak easily. "

"Just stand there and say it." Bai Qinghao didn't look at her at all.

Fang Manxue looked depressed.

In the past, when she had the qualifications to enter and leave the Royal Court, she wanted to get the moon near the water tower and seduce Bai Qinghao, but every time she was like this, she couldn't even approach him.

Unexpectedly, it was the same in Fang's family!

"It's getting late, I have ordered the servant to make the bed for you, you can go to sleep upstairs." Fang Manxue's exquisite makeup face showed a beautiful smile, "Your room is in the second room on the third floor. ."

"Fang Manxue, your mind is flooded?" Fang Xinxin glanced at her leisurely, "Isn't the second room on the third floor your room? You let your brother-in-law live in your room, you are really special What a shameless face!"

The guards who stood upright beside Bai Qinghao heard this and gave Fang Manxue a look of contempt.

Fang Manxue didn't feel embarrassed at all, "What a noble person is the commander? How can I live in a normal room? My room is the best bedroom in the entire Fang family villa. Of course, the most noble person must live the most. Nice bedroom."

Fang Xinxin asked calmly, "Then where do you live?"

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