Tales Of The Mighty Dragonair Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Meeting Cesile

As for Arthur, he was now busy flying over the mountain peak, descend on part of its exterior, kill a bunch of mages, before flying up again. he wasn't just enjoying his time, he was experimenting, as this was really a very rare opportunity for him, as his change wouldn't be judged by time here.

He tried to sprout fire from his mouth, which dragons classically did, but he couldn't. He didn't believe dragons here couldn't breathe fire, so the only explanation was that his own rank as a dragonair was quite low.

He tried to use his wings to create a storm of air, to attack others. It was slightly effective, but not deadly enough to kill mages from one blow like this. The only things that were proven deadly were his two claws and his sharp teeth.

Even his two legs claws were considered strong enough to cause deep wounds, or to be used as he did, grab some mages with them, fly in the air, and then threw them towards the distant ground, for the scorpion to kill them.