Tamer And The Goblin Kingdom Chapter 2

1 Before It Starts
"My Lord, they're here as you predicted"

a heinous crimson colored creature with twin tusk and a 2 meter tall, it called his deity as he proclaimed it to be.

A person then stands up from his seat, like a king in its crowned chair as his face is lonely and a bit of angst and mixed of anger. He knew that what's in the outside of his room. The outside of his castle will later become the battlefield, bloody and gore. He don't care about others but he care about his people.

Yes, even though he knew he didn't fled but instead strengthened his army to confront this upcoming event

To kill or to be killed. . .is what he thought

After then, he went outside, behind him is the said creature who followed and oversee what's infront. . .

Below his veranda is an everlasting hoard of green, violet, gold and orange creature, some of them are look like a scholar who only did is to study while some is another section of races. . .Though mixed, all of this same creature is what he fond of and by giving his time, effort, luck and fate that they arrived at this very moment. Most of them might die during this battle and be deleted in this accursed world permanently. . .

Even then, he still composed and a little calm. Although heart pounding. He didn't let this creatures saw what's running through his mind but instead. . .

"Honor! For the kingdom, we fight!"

" "Awoo!" "

he gave an introduction speech and at the same time, the vile looking creature below howled as their answer. . .

"They are like me! a person, a human! But it doesn't mean they and I are the same!"

"They came here, looking for trouble! trying to annihilate us! But of course, we welcomed them with out hearts content!"

" "Kill!" " They answered

"Those who enter our turf will be killed! none is an exception!!"

"This, is the battle where we might break or make! But I believe in our strength, in your strength!. . ."

". . .Also!. . ."

"Return back alive! Return triumphant O' goblins of mine! !"

After then, the red goblin from his back step forward and howled as he nodded as if this is already played.

That howl and other goblins, echoed even thousands of meters away from the said area. Those who heard the battle cry, couldn't help but to wobble their feet as they marching forward. Even lands and trees, trembled as if ground itself are shaking.

With this, the war between two faction, Started. . .

Returning back. . .As the man who look at his side, he commented "Move according to the plan. . .And please, don't die" although soft the creature fell his pain. The man then patted its shoulder and left.

With the name above the red goblin's head. . .

"Yes, my liege I slaughter them all to pieces"

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