Tea Of Summer Chapter 17

17 Chapter 17 Autumn Tale 4.2
Xia Liang ran upstairs, opened the door with doughnuts in hand, and happily trotted to the front of Lin Qian. Her eyes shined. "Cici, doughnuts! I specifically bought these for you!"

Lin Qian glared at the doughnuts. "Go away, do you know how many calories they have? ! I'm losing weight right now! Do you think everybody is like you who can keep eating but never grow fat?! Disgusting. Go eat it yourself!"

Despite being rejected, Xia Liang was hardly frustrated. "You don't want to eat any? Then I will eat it, ha!"

Lin Qian rolled her eyes and waved her away.

Xia Liang happily brought the doughnuts back to her room to enjoy.

This was the doughnuts Bei Yan Da Da bought! Huh(^), it was her loss! Xia Liang gladly sat in front of her desk and ate the first doughnut. Then she rubbed her already filled stomach...

Oh, I ate too much TAT.

Xia Liang turned on her laptop. She was going to surf the internet and take a break. Right after she turned on the laptop, she discovered that she was bombarded by her text messages from a good friend reminding her to turn in her recordings ...After she sadly read through all the messages, Xia Liang turned on AA to start recording...

Because the recording was for the main character of an audio drama, there were more lines than usual. Xia Liang carefully worked through each sentence. She spent more than an hour to finish the first rendition before sending it to the director's mailbox. She finally breathed a sigh of relief, before she found a small chat window had jumped out at the lower right corner of the screen.

[Xiaoyu:Zi Xia Da Da. I have a drama here called [1]. It is a lengthy audio drama adapted from a classical style novel. We plan to have 4 parts plus the preview. Hope that I can invite you to voice the lead actress role. The lead actress role is of a 16 years old young girl. I have listened to your work and felt that your voice would be a perfect match. Can you try it? This drama is to be produced by our workshop. Hope you can join us; you are the poster child of our studio after all~]

Xiaoyu was a minor screenwriter at the workshop that Xia Liang belonged to and got along very well with Xia Liang. It was said that Xiaoyu was able to join the workshop because of Xia Liang. She had read the novel before; it was a novel with a classical aesthetic style and very popular on the internet these past two years. She liked it. It was no small feat for Xiaoyu to have gained authorization for a production. She looked at the time, it should be 8 in the morning in China.

She thought about it and typed a response.

[Zixia:Uhm, I have more work recently. But I can take the job if it's for our workshop. Can you give me the cast list if possible? How is the script going?]

The reply from the other end was surprisingly quick.

[Xiaoyu:Thank you Zi Xia Da Da dear3. I will send the cast list to your mailbox right way. The preview script's already done. The script for the first part is being edited. Most of the cast has already been determined. Only the lead actor has not determined yet . If Zi Xia Da Da decides to join us, then the lead actor should be easier to find. It's just that we don't know who would be more suitable. After all, the lead male character, Tan Taixin, was such a prince charming...]

Xia Liang roughly reviewed the list. There were rookies as well as experienced members from the circle. There was nobody in the list she could not work with, so she accepted the job.

[Zixia:OK, I could try. Keep searching for the lead actor~If I see any suitable person, I will help to recruit, too. Thanks for your hard work, Xiayu~]

[Xiaoyu:Zi Xia Da Da dear, I love you3]

She accepted one more job. Xia Liang went through her mailbox and continued to clear her to do list .
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