Tea Of Summer Chapter 19

19 Chapter 19 Autumn Tale 5.1
Xia Liang did not sleep long before she opened her eyes in a daze. She softly patted her cheeks soon after she woke upreally, how could she fall asleep just like this. (_)

She habitually picked up her cup of coffee to drink, but was surprised to discover that the cup was still steaming hot. She carefully took a sip, it was black tea.

Xia Liang put down the black tea and looked around, but did not see anyone she knew. It was strange and she frowned------who would be so kind-hearted? It couldn't be that the coffee shop offered automatic refill services? She calmed down and shook her head, then continued to study.

She had no time to consider the favor of a cup of tea before the impending Psychology exam.

She stayed in the library, studying until 5:30PM. Xia Liang, finally, was satisfied and closed her notebook. Finally she finished studying...At least, she should have no problem for tomorrow's exam.

She was a little bit thirsty and wanted to take another sip, only to find that her black tea, which had come from an unknown source, was already empty. She took her purse and cell to the coffee shop to buy some drinks. While walking she thought about the plan for tonight. Cici was going to some party tonight------It's really something that she could go to a party during midterm week------So there wouldn't be anybody at home. It would be better to study the complete script of at the library. She could read the original novel all over again as well. Then after she went home, she could begin preliminary recordings and send the samples over.

That sounded like a good plan.

After she walked a couple of steps, she unexpectedly saw someone. Song Qiyan's cap was set aside and next to his hand, there's a cup with the logo of the coffee shop outside of the library. Three people sat next to him. They were discussing in low voices intermittently while their fingers jumped about on their laptops. She could vaguely tell that they were working on some Word documents.

Though it was only a short glance, Song Qiyan looked up as if he had felt something. He looked right at Xia Liang. Xia Liang instantly felt as if she had been caught red-handedly; she smiled to him embarrassedly.

Song Qiyan tenderly looked at her and curled up his lips. He picked up the black tea cup from the table, waved at her, then pointed to the direction of the coffee shop.

Xia Liang blinked her eyes------Was he asking her to buy a drink for him?

Song Qiyan's action drew the attention of those who sat next to him. They looked over, following the direction where Song was facing, and saw an Asian girl nodding to him, then walking towards the coffee shop with her purse in hand.

"Girlfriend?" the PhD student Mu Jian, also from China, who sat to his left poked his arm. He teased him in a low voice, "Girlfriend?"

Song Qiyan slightly looked downwards and did not answer. Receiving the cold shoulder, Mu Jian stopped bothering him. He went back to writing the sections of the final report that was assigned to him.
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