Tea Of Summer Chapter 21

21 Chapter 21 Autumn Tale 5.3
Finally it was her turn to order, she put her cell into the pocket. She quickly ordered two black teas and left.

She stood there hesitantly for a couple of seconds, then strode towards the direction of Song Qiyan. Song Qiyan looked up at her when she was only several steps away from their desk, watching her getting closer and closer.

Xia Liang stopped next to their desk. She passed the black tea from her right hand to him and paused a bit then asked, "Shixiong, my black tea in the afternoon...Uhm, did you buy it?"

Song Qiyan did not deny it, he merely curled his lips up. It was an obvious admission.

Xia Liang smiled. "Thank you shixiong."

Song Qiyan lightly shook his head. "You are welcome." Then he lifted his hand holding the black tea. "We are even now."

Xia Liang, "Not yet. I still owe you for dinner from several weeks ago."

Before Song Qiyan could reply, Wei Jian, who sat next to him, interrupted impatiently. "Aiyah, you owe me and I owe you. Just make it straight that you want to date each other~I say Qiyan, no wonder you've been so grumpy lately and pushing us to finish the final report in three weeks which was supposed to be a month long project. So it's all because you don't have time to go out with our little xuemei...?"

Xia Liang blinked her eyes innocently.

The blonde girl sitting at the opposite side leaned back. "English, please."

Xia Liang apologized immediately.

Speaking about it, this was an unwritten rule of school etiquette. Always speak in English in a group setting in order to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings. But Xia Liang could clearly feel a trace of hostility in her eyes.

Song Qiyan behaved like he did not hear it and stood up. "Are you going back?"

Xia Liang sneaked a look at that blonde beauty, who was watching her laptop with a darkened face. She shook her head and whispered, "I plan to finish reading the script in the library."

"How about your dinner?"

Xia Liang paused, "Uh...I will see after I go back."

Song Qiyan closed his laptop and put it into his backpack. Then he looked at her seriously. "Let's go eat dinner together." His deep dark eyes had "it was a crime not to eat dinner" written over it. Xia Liang agreed obediently.

Wei Jian shook his head. He pretended to be bitter. "How come nobody invited me to dinner...Ah, this is a world where only pretty faces matter."

Xia Liang felt amused and embarrassed from his teasing. Song Qiyan had already walked away. Xia Liang hurriedly said bye and followed after him.

Wei Jian clicked his tongue a couple times. A German student in the group could not help asking curiously, "Hey, Jeffrey, who's that"

Wei Jian shrugged his shoulder. "A girl."

The German man deflated his mouth.

The blonde beauty sitting at the opposite side suddenly closed her laptop and stood up. "Sorry, I need to leave. I have an appointment later."

Now it was Wei Jian's turn to roll his eyes.

Why didn't you say that you had to leave early when Song Qiyan was still here? It's so obvious...
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