Tea Of Summer Chapter 23

23 Chapter 23 Autumn Tale 6.2
Song Qiyan went to the restroom also after Xia Liang went back to her seat. The food had not been served after he came back; they silently sat at opposite sides of the table.

Xia Liang discovered that Song Qiyan was a very quiet man most of the time. He rarely started a conversation. Whenever the other person started the conversation, he would be very polite and stared right at the other's eyes. He wouldn't let others feel that he was rude even though he only occasionally responded.

But when neither of the two had anything to say, then the silence would be quite awkward. They could only look at each other silently.

Xia Liang thought, would it be too rude if she took out her cell to surf the Weibo? Ah, right, Weibo.

All of a sudden her eyes were brightened up like two light bulbs, "Shixiong, I just read your private message on Weibo...Umm...I don't quite get it ."

Song Qiyan looked at her earnestly as usual. He prudently organized the words then spoke, "I saw your Weibo post looking for a master or CP?"

Xia Liang nodded. "En." She did not know the reason why but her heartbeat started to accelerate.

He paused a bit. "Why do you want to look for a master or CP?"

Xia Liang answered quickly, "Just want to learn more about voice acting." Then she realized this answer was too formal. She added, "Umm, I also want to find a regular partner to practice acting in a drama."

Song Qiyan was silent for a moment. "Acting in a drama actually is very simple. In the current voice acting circle, uhm, especially the internet voice over circle, even many of those popular voice actors are not really considered top ones in the circle. Many of them are famous only because they have gorgeous, pleasing voices or they have strong feelings which are appealing to the listeners. But most of the time they're flashy and unreal and let listeners feel that they are faking it, because people don't talk like that in real life. In reality, what the real voice actors in commercial voice acting pursue mostly is to be close to real life, natural and authentic. Then it can be counted as successful voice acting. So much of the internet voice acting stuff is not worth learning."

Xia Liang listened carefully with eyes wide open and felt that she had learned a lot..

"And," Song Qiyan looked back at her, "once you have a regular partner, won't you get tired of listening to the same voice every time?"

Xia Liang shook her head immediately, "No! For example, many people listen to your voice and never get tired of listening to it over and over again."

Song Qiyan laughed. "And you too?"

Xia Liang blinked her eyes and smiled bashfully. "En..."

"Isn't it just perfect?" Song Qiyan seemed in a good mood.

What? What was just perfect? Xia Liang was pretty confused.

Song Qiyan used the exact voice that Xia Liang adored and slowly said, "You see, you want to learn more on voice acting therefore you are looking for a master or CP. I have several years of experience in commercial voice acting which will be helpful to you. You are not tired of listening to my voice and it just so happens that I like your voice very much, too. We are in the same school, so it's easy to get together. And we won't have the time difference problem. So it's just perfect."

What just perfect...Xia Liang believed that her brain wasn't functioning quite right today. But even though she was reacting slowly, she gradually understood. Was shixiong recommending himself?

If she refused, everyone in the voice acting circle would have killed her.

Then she asked the next extremely dumb question, "Shixiong, do you want to be my master or CP?" She wanted to kill herself after she asked. Why she was so stupid that she had to ask so impatiently

"What do you think?"

She thought...she thought she needed the sound of thunder right now to wake her up...

Why did the question get kicked back to her again()

Fortunately the long awaited dishes were served finally at this time. The enthusiastic waitress interrupted the strange atmosphere between them. Xia Liang immediately buried herself in the food.

Song Qiyan took his time to pick up his chopsticks. Seeing her behave like an ostrich, he curled up his lips and thought. Was he acting too impatiently? Did he scare her? Darn it...
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