Tea Of Summer Chapter 24

24 Chapter 24 Autumn Tale 6.3
Both of them maintained proper etiquette, neither spoke a word as they ate. So they ate the dinner in a strange and quiet atmosphere. In the early evening, they were already heading back to Xia Liang's apartment.

The dusky street light sprinkled warm halos. There was busy traffic on the road. People were either in a rush or leisurely strolling by, in pairs or individually. Xia Liang and Song Qiyan walked shoulder to shoulder. Song Qiyan was still carrying the bags. Xia Liang was empty handed. Because she had eaten heartily a while ago, Xia Liang was obviously stuffed.

"Here we are." They stood at the stairs to the apartment. Xia Liang stopped and pointed at the stairs.

Song Qiyan looked at the door, nodded,and passed Xia Liang's bag to her. Xia Liang took the bag. She shifted her eyes about, then finally gathered enough courage to look up at the man who was about a head taller than her. "Shixiong, about what we discussed just now, huh..."

Song Qiyan didn't show much expression on his face, but his right hand curled up. He tried his best to not clench his fist. He didn't want to scare this young girl.

"Uhm..." Xia Liang's face became flushed from her ears to her cheeks. Her eyes were still sparkling, looking at the man that stood in front of her. "Thank you, shixiong, for being willing to teach me things about voice acting."

Song Qiyan frowned slightly. He did not like how polite she was acting.

Did she want him to be her master from what she said? He pulled his hat a bit. Though he liked the latter position more, he would not act with undue haste.

"About master or CP, uhm...shixiong, I would greatly appreciate it if you could teach me whenever you have time. Anyway, the original intention for looking for a master or CP is to improve my voice acting technique. So we don't have to worry about which position, shixiong, don't you agree?"

Song Qiyan looked in the girl's shiny eyes, he couldn't help but laugh. What a mischievous and clever girl.

He nodded. "Mhm, you should go up now."

Xia Liang winked her eyes. So did he mean that he agreed or disagreed?

"Then...shixiong, bye." She thought a bit then added, "This time it was shixiong's treat again. It will be my treat next time. Ok?"

Song Qiyan thought, of course, as long as there's a next time.

But still let the man pay the bills.

Of course he would not tell her that. He simply nodded in earnest. And finally he lifted his hand and patted Xia Liang's head lightly. "Go upstairs now. Send me a text after you get in your room."

Song Qiyan watched Xia Liang walk up the stairs step by step, then disappear at the turn of the stairs. He then slowly turned around. He raised his right hand up to his eyes and looked at it, then he dropped it down.

He did not notice that Xia Liang hid next to the window at the turn of the second floor. She peeped at the man's back walking away step by step. Then she told herself, Xia Liang, you are doomed.
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