Tea Of Summer Chapter 26

26 Chapter 26 Autumn Tale 7.2

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@@Xia Liang returned to her room stupefied. "Ding", the sound of a message notification on her cell woke her up.

There was a new message. It was exactly from that Song Qiyan shixiong who "likes her."

Xia Liang swiped open the message, trembling a little with a guilty conscience.

Song Qiyan's message was simple. But the message file size was a little large.

It listed the details of his QQ account and WeChat.

Xia Liang absent-mindedly added these two accounts to her contact list. She noticed that both requests were quickly accepted and the other end had already sent over a voice message.

She opened WeChat and listened to the voice which had lingered around her ears for the whole summer break. "These two are my private accounts. You can use them to contact me for anything from now on. Of course you can call and text message, too."

WeChat automatically played the second incoming message after the first one.

"If you have any questions about voice acting, you can ask me at any time."

Xia Liang looked at the cell dumbfounded.

On the other end, Song Qiyan stopped on the roadside. He frowned with some distress. Would it be too aggressive to send this message? He just wanted to have more means of contacting her...The last sentence he added should not sound too intentional.

He could not resist sending an explanation, "Uhm, I did not publicly follow your Weibo. I don't want to bring any trouble to you. Don't misunderstand."

As for Xia Liang, she was totally stunned after listening to the third voice message.

Misunderstand? What would she misunderstand...

Bei Yan Da Da, she would really begin to misunderstand if you kept talking. She would misunderstand that you really liked her!

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