Tea Of Summer Chapter 29

29 Chapter 29 Autumn Tale 8.2
After they ate dinner, Song Qiyan took Xia Liang back to her apartment first again. Then he and Wei Jian slowly walked back to his rental apartment.

The way Wei Jian looked at Song Qiyan now had 'gals before pals' written all over it and he despised him thoroughly.

No more brotherly love(^)

Xia Liang sent out a safety text via WeChat after she was back at her apartment. She hugged that large bag of snacks back to her own room. She quickly turned on the laptop and logged into qq with a meat cake stuffed in her mouth.

Though she had just eaten dinner, but, really, it was really, really delicious!

Xia Liang's admiration to Song Qiyan had risen up one more notch. Really, Song shixiong was so thoughtful.

She logged on to qq while she was a little distracted. She opened Xiaoyu's qq and typed in the words carefully.

[Zi Xia: Well, Xiaoyu, I found a voice actor who can audition for the lead actor role.]

Xiaoyu happened to be online. She replied quickly.

[Xiaoyu: Ah, really, really? Big help! I haven't found anyone from all the audition recordings recently. Who is it? Is he someone in Da Da's club? Wow, it must be a big god! ]

[Zi Xia: Hey, he is not in my club, but he is indeed a big god... ]

[Xiaoyu: (o) Da Da, don't tantalize me! ]

[Zi Xia: Then you keep cool. ]

[Xiaoyu: () Tell me quickly. ]

[Zi Xia: Umm, it's Bei Yan. ]

[Xiaoyu: .......]

Before she had time to continue the conversation, her screen was filled with Xiaoyu's dots. Xia Liang silently bit the meat cake and thought. It looked like she was not the one who lost her mind the most from this revelation.

Finally Xiaoyu calmed down a little bit after 10 minutes. Then they were able to continue the conversation.

[Xiaoyu: Da Da, I may not know as much as you do, but don't lie to me. ]

[Zi Xia: ...It was real.]

[Xiaoyu: That Bei Yan Da Da? ]

[Zi Xia: ...Right, it is him. ]

[Xiaoyu: ....Do not go through the damn audition and just let him join us directly! Damn it, that is Bei Yan Da Da. Ah !!!!! ]

[Zi Xia: ...Be more civilized, girl. ]

Xia Liang silently stuffed the rest of the meat cake into her mouth. She held her cheeks and watched the screen displaying Xiaoyu's explosion. She knew that it would be a heavyweight bomb.

She just ignored Xiaoyu's following message bombardment and quietly exited the internet.
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