Tea Of Summer Chapter 3

3 Chapter 3 Summer Tea 1.3
Xia Liang came to work the next day as usual. When she ordered lunch for delivery, she thought for a while and went over to Zhao Ge to gossip.

She probed: "Zhao Ge, who was that man yesterday? Very famous?"

Zhao Ge took a look at her and laughed: "Young lady, are you falling for him?"

Xia Liang stared at him, "Certainly not! I just felt that he has a very nice voice...that's all...yeah."

"Why is the cabbage so greasy today." Zhao Ge drank some water. "Hey hey, you are not the first one to fall for that guy's voice. "

Xia Liang put down her chopsticks and spoke in a flirtatious manner, "Zhao Ge..."

Zhao Ge shook his head, "Hey, now you act somewhat like a girl." Then he hurried to answer before Xia Liang exploded, "Song Qiyan, have you heard the name before?"

Sung Qiyan? Xia Liang seriously thought about it for a while----it seemed familiar?

Zhao Ge grinned after he heard her murmur, "Familiar? I think you've read too many novels. The name you would possibly be familiar with should be---Bei Yan."

Xia Liang choked instantly as she sipped her water. She coughed till her whole face was flushed red.

Zhao Ge giggled and patted her back, "Haha, you are not the first one."

Xia Liang stared at him mercilessly. Familiar? Far more than familiar! Who, in the world of internet voice overs, wouldn't know this name, the super famous Bei Yan.

Six years ago, he came to fame in the internet voice over crowd with a classical style audio drama `Mandate of Heaven'. But he had quietly stepped out and stopped producing any new works on the internet. He switched to commercial voice overs for large video games and their promotional videos and dubbing for many male actors in TV dramas...

He kept a low profile and made a clear distinction between the virtual and the real worlds; he even used his online name, Bei Yan, for voice acting for TV dramas. But that still couldn't diminish the fervor of his hundreds of thousand fans on Weibo, there were always people leaving messages or confessions to him. Hey, Xia Liang was one of his little fans, too.

Xia Liang almost knocked her head against the desk--- ---She loved his voice so much. Why didn't she recognize the voice yesterday?!

Zhao Ge laughed with great pleasure watching Xia Liang wallow in regret so great that she almost wanted to kill herself for making such a grievous mistake. Finally, he found enough goodwill to comfort the young lady besides him who was full of regret and self-loathing. "It's normal that you did not recognize it. Every voice actor has a multitude of voices. Besides, most of his works are in a classical style. Of course his normal talking voice would be different.."

Xia Liang looked at him with a grudge..

Zhao Ge watched those sorrowful eyes, laughed loudly ,and then turned around to pack and throw away the lunch boxes. He left Xia Liang there alone as she continued to scratch her hair with remorse.
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